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Harri Donavon (Damon Salvatore fic) by charlottereaddd
Harri Donavon (Damon Salvatore fic)by Charlotte
Hi, I'm Harri Donavon, Matt's sister and Vicki's twin. Well, not identical twin. I mean I was the youngest out of the family but looked a lot like my sister that people...
Baby Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction) by -Clint_Barton-
Baby Gilbert (The Vampire Charlotte
Bailey Tanner was once your little miss goody two shoes but this never gained her friends and neither did having Mr Tanner as her father. After his death though she lost...
Falling For Vampires( TVD (Tyler Lockwood) ) by JeffAtkins1
Falling For Vampires( TVD (Tyler JeffAtkins1
A young girl who looks was taken as a joke is now the hottest girl in town. Follow her journey as she takes on Mystic Falls one heel step at a time.
The Salvatore sister by AlexandriaPBray
The Salvatore sisterby Ally
It's Stefan's older sister and Damon's younger sister Aria, who was thought to die in 1864 but is still alive and kicking, Follow the story of a Sass filled bouncy girl
Ava (Damon Salvatore and Klaus Mikaelson Fanfic) by charlottereaddd
Ava (Damon Salvatore and Klaus Charlotte
*** WARNING BEFORE READING *** I wrote this book years and years ago, hence the absolutely horrendous writing. Don't even get me started on the storyline... It's just a...
The Boys (TVD Imagines) by itsjenna2u
The Boys (TVD Imagines)by jenna 🦋
Imagines of... Damon Stefan Alaric Klaus Tyler Matt Jeremy Elijah Love Ya Guys Enjoy!!!!!!
Don't Die! Oh Wait... × TVD by UltimateBiFangirl23
Don't Die! Oh Wait... × TVDby 💀🔥🪦📜
"I have been living in the shadows, in secret, basically all alone. Only because of what I am. I am the thing that goes bump in the night, what most people believe...
IT'S A DRUGS BUST by detectiveinspector-
not my division ? more likely than you'd think .
Twins A Love Story (Lemon) by RoseWoodsIsShy
Twins A Love Story (Lemon)by Rose Woods
The Twin Boys Johnathon and Donavon fall in love with a girl call Rose. Who will win her heart? Will it be Johnathon? Or Donavon?
The vampire diaires(donavon story) by kirtywin
The vampire diaires(donavon story)by kirtywin
My name is Hazel Donavon and is my story. I am 17 years old and Matts twin sister, I have just found out my older sister has died. Im left mystic fall a couple years ag...
Stepien Sisters by coolest_girl_starkid
Stepien Sistersby Drew
Meredith and May are the closest sisters ever. They work on shows with their friends Team Starkid.
CryBaby (COMPLETED)(South Park) by Blazedarkness
CryBaby (COMPLETED)(South Park)by Blaze
(BOOK TWO OF A MELANIE MARTINEZ THEMED SERIES) 'They call me Crybaby, CryBaby, but I don't fucking care. CryBaby, CryBaby, so I'll laugh through my tears.' COV...