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"I never understood it- why people die. I mean when cancer or another sickness takes a loved one out of the world to young, I mean it should that there is no dying until you are 90+ you get to live your life, and survive, however as much as it sucks that is not life and whats worse is when, one of the people you knew and loved passes away- no matter how hard you try to stop it, no matter how hard you scream at the world that it is unfair it still happens, we gather here today in loving memory of Liz Forbes, she protected and loved this town and the people in it, in her last minutes she said to Damon and I to pass a message onto her beautiful, vibrant daughter- however we cut her off saying that she will tell her, herself...

Caroline your mum wanted you to know that you are an amazing girl, full of life and compassion, a girl that could never loose her spark, she loved you more than anything, of course we cut her of by then" I spoke clearly at the podium tears in everyone's eyes some people crying, I didn't understand why Liz asked me to do her eulogy- I think she wanted to get my mind of being dumped and pregnant- my stomach is showing a little bit at the moment.

I slowly walk of the stage and run- well I don't run I fast walk into Damon's open arms and push away the tears- hormones are intensified at the moment, I pull away almost certain that my eyes are bloodshot and go over to Caroline who stands up and embraces me while losing herself in tears making me loose myself into a blubbering mess

"Aaaria ccan we leave please" Caroline pretty much begged me

"Yeah sure, lets go" we walk out of the church with everyone looking at us but not one person making a move to chase after us, I pulled her to my new car (black Lamborghini) and drove her quickly to her house as soon as we arrived she said here first words since we boarded the car

"Aria I'm going to turn  my emotions off, I have tried to get through the pain- but it just gets worse" Caroline sobbed to me

"Ah no, my fiance left me pregnant and knocked up a werewolf, when you guys told me that information I wanted to turn it off but I didn't- I don't kill humans never have in the 100 something years I have been alive and I HAVE NEVER TURNED IT OFF WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT YOU CAROLINE I AM PREGNANT AND YOU ARE ONE OF THE REASONS WHY I HAVEN'T LOST IT YET" I practically yelled at her before bawling my eyes out

"Aria please, don't be selfish please"

"I am not being selfish and even if I am I have a right to be, okay we will do this how we always cope with difficult situations, together Caroline our friendship means the world to me and if you don't turn off your emotions, the child's middle name can be Caroline" I smile at her while she laughs- a real laugh

"Bribery Aria really?" she laughed out

"MHM if that's what it takes" I click my fingers in a z formation before taking her into a hug

"Caroline do you want to sleep over tonight?" I winked at her

"Yes please Aria, you are the best friend I could ask for" she runs up the stairs to get packed while I stood down there thinking about what I just said, even though it was in the moment it all was true I felt kind of bad about being so selfish so while she was packing I vamp-sped of too the nearest servo grabbing strawberry, chocolate, caramel and vanilla ice-cream before rushing back to Caroline's apartment, just as I got back Caroline was walking down the stairs.

"LETS GOOOO" I scream while grabbing her arm "I have got supply's waiting in the car- everything you need- do you want Hanna there or not"

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