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I was getting in my ball gown which Klaus chose for me, it was purple with diamonds (a/n picture above or to the side) and absolutely beautiful.

-skip to Party-

I see Care and run up to her and as if we were twins we screamed 


Then I said 'Care you look fabulous'

She said 'I could never beat that dress and you'

We then get into an argument about who looks better,

The doors open and inside comes Elena with the Salvatore's on each arm I grab water and Care grabs wine preparing ourselves for this. 

They continue acting like they aren't the centre of everything, I got bored of it so I walked up to them and say

'Brothers, Elena, how are you' without giving them time to reply I say 'Elena come outside with me I have something to show you'
My brothers tense, Elena nods as if saying she's your sister trust her.

As we go outside I whisper my plan, my fantastic evil plan in her ear, she nods as if she understands then yells
'Damon, Stefan help she's hurting me please'

I pretend to eat from her neck when they pull me off her and stand in front of her 

'So brothers me or Elena?' 

'Elena, you're not family' Damon screams at me 

'Because I hurt the girl'

'yes!!' Stefan says 

'I mean I'm hurt right here' -I hold my heart and fake cry-

'You idiots check her neck no blood or anything' I say when they are speechless 

'Hey Lena lets go' we hook arms and walk off leaving my brothers speechless

'HEY ARIA LEAVE THIS PARTY NOW!!' Damon screams angrily 

'Damon sending the host away tsk tsk tsk, it is the host who sends people away so Damon, Stefan, leave you're not invited to my engagement party'

Elena than buts in and says "we are over" to Stefan and Damon then they walk off together and Lena and I turned around and walked back to the party.

While Lena and I were walking back Lena asked a question
"engagement party what! You didn't tell me you were getting married"

"Heh" I smiled sheepishly "well I may be getting married to your favourite person"

"You didn't Aria" she said in dismay 

"I might of, please don't hate me" I replied in a nervous voice

"Well the only reason I would hate you is because you didn't tell me you are getting married" she squeals excitedly

I sigh silently thinking what did I get myself into

Lena then says " am I one of your bridesmaids oh you better not make me look bad. Oh oh oh, what colour are you choosing for your bridesmaid's dresses" she continued rambling on for what seems ages.

"Ahem are you even listening to me Aria, earth to Aria" she says waving a hand in front of my face

"yeah totally" I said in a bored voice

"Aria you weren't even listening to me, I guess Caroline can help me with all the details"

That got my attention "YOUR GOING TO TELL CAROLINE! Well I'm dead" I sighed

Elena giggled "of course I am she will plan it for you"

"Fun" I replied sarcastically

We walked back inside only to see Nik standing there alone trying to find me, I hadn't seen anything as funny as that like ever, he was all like;

"A Aria where are you its o our a announcement time"

I giggled and hid behind Elena and laughed at his embarrassment while secretly recording it on my phone, to later post on YouTube, eventually, I decided that I would give him a break and stood next to him on stairs, he turned and glared at me while I just grinned cheekily.

He then said in a happier voice "Welcome everyone, as you know this party was organised by a mysterious person or people"

I butted in"Those people were us!! But what you didn't know was that this party isn't any party it's an engagement party, as Nik and I are getting married!!" I squealed I look at my friends and see Caroline crying with a giant smile on her face, I ran down the stairs and we had a massive hug.

She cleaned herself up and said
"When's the marriage happening, Who's running it, When are we going brides and bridesmaid dress shopping"

"Wow, Caroline now calm down who said that you are one of my bridesmaids?"

"ARIA SALVATORE IF I AM NOT YOUR BRIDESMAID WELL I might have to kill you... Again!!"

"Well I was going to make Bonnie, Elena, Kat, Kol and Rebekah my bridesmaids

"WHYYY NOT Meee, wait did you say Kol?" 

"Yes believe it or not he looks great in a dress"

"A I am so sad that you do not want me a part of this wedding so I might as well not go" she turned around with tears in her eyes

"oh Care I'm just joking. My marriage is on the 20th of April, I was hoping you would run it, and I was hoping we could organise that soon! Oh and of course your one of my bridesmaids'

"Wait for real, girl this will be the BEST WEDDING EVER HUN"

You hear a manly voice in the background "Hey Aria do I get a say in this I mean this is my wedding also!"

Care and I spoke in harmony "let me think about that NO!!"

"Rude" he muttered and walled off

Care and I looked at each other than in harmony again screamed: "OMG I THINK THIS MEANS A SLEEPOVER!"

Well we meet again, I'm sorry for not writing in ages but I do have reasons
-I have a sinuous infection (if you don't know what this is, it gives you a lot of pain and I hope you don't have to experience it, if you have well 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 cause I am barley making it through
-School (if that doesn't explain itself well...) school 3 weeks left and a lot of work due...

ILYG (I love you guys)
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