Chapter 13

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•Taylor's POV•

Maybe I should just talk to her, but then again she's obviously in love with Cameron, after what I heard this morning.
Currently I was locked inside my room playing with Cade on my bed.
"Dada." I rubbed my hand on his head, making his hair stick up.
"Go to sleep Bubs." I tucked him in and later there, simply watching him sleep.

//Two Hours Later//

I woke up and rubbed my eyes, finding Cade no where to be found. I stood up and walked to the closet, hearing him making car noises.
Knock knock I knock on the closet door and he opens it, "yes?"
"Whatcha doing buddy?"
"Play choo choo." He pushes a train around on the soft carpet.
"Do you wanna come down stairs?"
"Is Cam Cam down there?"
I hope not. But instead of saying that, I just simply shrug my shoulders.
He takes my hand and we go downstairs. There's a pizza box on the counter, pepperoni; Cameron's no where to be seen.
"What's going on?"
"We got pizza, pizza makes everyone happy when they're sad." Courtney puts a slice on a plate and hands it to me.
"Thank you." I smile, then I remember what I heard earlier, my smile fades.
"Guess what?"
Cameron's leaving? "What?"
"The other guys are coming to stay for a couple of days!"
"What? Why?"
"They just missed us, aren't you happy?"
No, because then they're gonna find out that that thing took my girl. "Yeah."
"Good, because they're gonna be here tomorrow."
"Yeah, is there a problem with tomorrow?"
Yeah, there's a problem with everyday that Cameron's here. "No."
"Okay," she finishes her pizza and I feed some of mine to Cade.
"Where are they all gonna stay?"
"Here of course."
"Well you and Cade will have a room, Jack, Jack, Sam, and Hayes take Cade's room. Nash, Carter, Matthew, and Aaron take the guest room. Shawn and Jacob take the couch and me and Camer-" she stops. "Never mind."
"Whatever, do whatever. I don't care, just try and keep your moaning down this time."
"What are you talking about Taylor?"
"I heard you this morning. Do you think I'm stupid or something? These wall aren't sounds proof."
"Me and Cam haven't since Miami."
"Then what were those noises I heard this morning coming from your bathroom?"
"What?" A perplexed look plasters her face, as if she doesn't know what to say.
"I called you this morning, and I heard moaning coming from your room, along with the shower running."
"I was taking a shower, but I don't know what noises you are talking about. I think you may be hearing things."
"It was Cameron. I know what you sound like, it was Cameron!"
"Why would he make that up though, I think you're hearing things Taylor. You may wanna get that checked out"
"Whatever, I know what I heard, he's probably just trying to make me jealous. I don't care."
"Are you sure?"
"I'm fine." I pick Cade up and go upstairs to his room with him.

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