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Chapter 7

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•Taylor's POV•

"Guess who!" I wrap my hands around Courtney's face and she screams.
"Taylor!" She hugs me and sees Cole behind me.
"Cole!" She runs up to him and hugs him, "Look at how grown you are! You're so handsome."
"Thank you Court, you're really gorgeous yourself."
"Thank you baby."
Cameron walking in, and as if not knowing what to do he just stands there. "Hey man!" We bro-hug and he looks at Cole, "Is that your little brother, Cole?"
"Man he's grown." I don't know if he's talking about how he doesn't look like a baby, of if he's talking about his height, since he's 6'2.
"Mom! I'm going out with, woah, who's this?" Noah stops walking in the door looking at Cole.
"I'm Cole, you must be Noah." He sticks out his hand and she barely moves.
"Ye, yeah that's me." She blushes and Courtney speaks again.
"Where did you say you were going Noah?"
"Oh, um, yeah, I'm was going to go out with Kaden, but I'll stay here instead."
"I thought you dumped his sorry butt," Cade says leaning over the counter.
"We're friends."
"Ech," Cade makes a noise and Noah rolls her eyes.
"Hey, Noah, want to go get some ice cream and let you Mom and Taylor catch up?" Noah nods and leaves with Cole.
"How've you been?" Courtney sits down at the table and I sit across from her.
"Well considering I just found out my step-daughter isn't my own, not too well."
"Taylor, I'm so sorry."
"Yeah, well it's fine, she didn't really look like me, but I guess I just have to move on."
"Well what happened to Annalee?"
"She left. Took Brittany and was gone when I woke up."
"I'm so sorry," She hugs me.
"Did you see where Aria and Brent broke up for good? She took the kids and left."
"Then Gilinsky posted a vine of him doing the 'Grind on Me' on her. Yeah I'm pretty sure they're friends with a little more then benefits."
"Wasn't he dating that Madison chick?"
"Ew. Yeah, but she dumped him for Johnson. Guess he had more money."
"That stinks."
"What about Kara, hadn't she moved on to him too?"
"Yep." She grits her teeth at the mention of Kara. "She sold herself into prostitution."
"Hey, can't be young forever right?"
"Should see her now, all that plastic surgery. Her butt looks like Nicki Minaj's butt."
"I never liked her or Madison, just something about the both of them rubs me wrong. especially Madison. She tried to get at me."
"Yeah, after Carter, Cam, Nash, Matt, Hayes, and Jack the first time, she came to me. But I told her to screw off."
"Sounds like you." She smiles and the phone rings. "Hello? What?"
I give her a weird look and she hangs up. "Noah and Cole were in a car accident!" She grabs the keys and we rush to the car, yelling at Cameron to hurry up,
He gets in and calls the house phone to tell Cade where we're going.

We get there and run into ICU. "Immediate family only!" The nurse pushes me back and forces me out the doors.
"That's my brother!" I push past the nurse and run into the room that Cole is in and he has two broken ribs, a concussion, and a broken arm.
"Where's Noah?" He manages to stutter out before groaning in pain.
"She's next door."
"Go check on her please?"
I nod and walk next door to see Noah. "Courtney, what's going on?"
"She suffered major head trauma and lost a massive amount of blood. They need donations and Cameron volunteered so he's now donating."
"Guys!" Cameron runs up with a worried look on his face. "It doesn't match!"
"Our blood doesn't match!"
"But it has to, you're her father." I look over at Courtney and she hasn't said a word. "Courtney." She looks up at me, her eyes quickly darting away. "Courtney," My tone is harsh now. "Am I Noah's father?" She still doesn't say anything so I bite my lips hard, before speaking in an extremely sharp tone, "Courtney, am I Noah's father?"
She nods her head and Cameron storms out and I yell at her. "How long have you known and how did you find out?"
"Since she was b-born."
"You knew all this time and you didn't tell me?"
"Taylor, I'm sorry."
"Sorry doesn't cut it! I've lost out on fourteen years of my daughters life! Why didn't you tell me?"
"I didn't want to lose Cameron again."
My face flares.

•Cade's POV•

I run down the hospital hall towards the ICU and see Dad in a room with my mom. His face is red and he's crying, this can't be a good sign. I run in the room and he's screaming at her.
I listen before I decide to intrude, "How did you find out?"
"Come on, when she was born and I lived with Cameron in the hotels, I took her to a lot of doctors appointments where they drew blood! I checked!"
"Excuse me, if there's no match for blood we're going to need to discuss options for her best care in the final days." A doctor walks through the door and my heart skips a beat.
I would volunteer but I don't have her exact blood, we're only half siblings.
"I'll do it!" Dad volunteers and I stop him.
"It won't match."
"Yeah it will." What? They're not even related.
"Mom, what were you and my dad fighting about?"
"We'll talk about this later." She runs my back and I feel a shiver run down my spine.
"Mom, what's going on. Why does Dad and Noah match if he's not her Da- he's her Dad isn't he?"
She nods her head and a tear rolls down her face, "Yes."
"How long have you known?"
"It doesn't matter."
"Tell me." I grit my teeth and she sighs.
"Since she was born."
"And you lied to us?" I feel my face getting red. "You knew all this time but you didn't tell us?"
"Cade, calm down."
"No! Don't tell me to calm down! You kept this big secret from me, Dad, and most importantly Noah and Cameron! Did you just not plan on telling us?"
"No, I was going to."
"And just when were you going to do that?"
"I don't know."
"I can't believe this Mom! All those things Dad always said about you were wrong! You're not that perfect girl he always talks about! Are you even my mom?"
"Yes I am."
"Is Dad even my father?"
"Yeah, Cade, I kept it from you guys for certain reasons."
"Give me one! I want a good one!"
"I didn't want to lose Cameron." She speak quietly and I feel my face flare up again.
"You didn't want to lose Cameron? Do you see this black eye on my face? You know how I got it? You're loving husband!"
"Cade, don't start making false accusations!"
I just stare blankly at her, absorbing the words she's saying. "Me? Take your own advice!"
"Cade don't yell at me, I'm your mother!"
"You sure about that?" I run off into the hallways and get into my car, driving to the baseball diamond.
I get out and grab my bag, walking over to the tree on the side by the visitors dugout. I inhale slowly as the smoke fills the air and I slide my back down the tree feeling immediately better.
After several hours I drive home and open the front door. I run upstairs shower quickly since no one should be home.
I turn on the water and slip off my shirt, looking at the tiny scar across my chest from the tube they had to insert when my mom fed me peas, not knowing that I'm allergic.
It's about an inch wide and white, unlike my tan chest. I get in the shower and wash myself, getting out and changing into boxers and a tee shirt, going to bed.

•Taylor's POV•

Because Courtney was unavailable to donate blood, since she had recently drank and it was in her system, it left me to donate.
They took two pints and then put a bandage on the spot.
A lot has happened in the past days. I've lost a daughter, gained one, and might lose both my daughter and brother.
I'm not sure where Cade took off to, but he's a good kid. I guess he left the twins with Brent, since he's across the street now.

I sit in the room with Noah and I tense up when Courtney walks in the room. "What?" She says looking at me.
"I didn't say anything to you."
"You got tense."
"Whatever. Don't even talk to me."
"You have to understand."
"No, you have to understand, you took my daughter away from me."
"That's not what I meant."
"Well that's what you did, no matter if you meant to do it or not. and now I'll never get back those fourteen years I missed out on. and you know what burns me the most? The fact that you used me to get Cameron back. I never had a chance. It was all for Cameron. But whatever, maybe you'll learn someday before it's too late and you screw everything else up for yourself. you've already lost your son, and I'm filing for full custody of both. See you in court Courtney. And you might want to hire a good lawyer, you're going to need a good one to even have a chance of winning this case."
I walk out slamming the door behind me and walking back to the house.

I know I said several weeks ago I was going to try and get a chap up later that night, just something happened and I never did, but I'm publishing now bc alliegilinskyyy05 keeps bugging me to! Ilygsm😘

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