Chapter 12

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•Cameron's POV•

//2 weeks later//

"And another thing Courtney." I hear Taylor's voice coming around the hall and run into the bedroom, locking the door. Behind me I can hear the water running in the shower.
"Courtney?" Taylor's confused voice fills the hall right behind me; it's now or never.
I slowly start moaning and Taylor's voice comes to a halt. I hear him back down the hallway away from the door, and when I'm sure he's gone, I stop my moaning and unlock the door.
I smirk, pleased with my work, as Courtney comes from the bathroom. Perfect.
I reach over to kiss her. "Was Taylor looking for me?"
"Yeah, I don't know what he wanted."
"Okay, thank you."
She walks down stairs wrapped in her towel, and I stand at the top of the stairs, waiting for Taylor's reaction.
"What was it that you wanted Tay?"
"Nothing." His tone is short, as if he's busy.
"Are you sure?"
"Just get back to Cameron."
"Oh you know what." This isn't going to end well. For me.
I run downstairs to join them and Taylor bites his tongue. "Just leave me alone. The both of you."
"Taylor," Courtney grabs his arm out he yanks away. Boy, I'm good.

//Later that Night//

"Can you gab Case for me please?" Taylor is sitting on the couch not paying any attention to Courtney while she speaks to him, his attention is focused on the tv.
"Taylor, I'm talking to you." Courtney says again, sounding saddened.
"Taylor she's speaking to you."
"Does it look like I care," he snaps not once turning his head from the tv.
"I'll get him for you baby." I kiss her head and walk upstairs. I open the nursery door and see Cade sleeping. "Wake up." I snap. "Get up!"
He sits up tentatively, his eyes wide. "Cam Cam."
"Don't call me that. Get up!" He crawls out of his old crib that Taylor and Courtney took the front wall off of now since his was getting bigger.
"Hurry up." He stands and starts running down the hall, fast away from me.
He stops at the top of the stairs.
"Mommy doesn't let me go down the stwairs by myswelf."
"Figure it out." I'm not touching him, he probably had some disease.
After about five minutes he finally makes it down the stairs and runs over to Courtney, sitting on her lap.
"Daddy! Come sit with me!"
"Come sit by me." Taylor doesn't turn his head to pay any attention to the little obnoxious brat.
"Daddy, please."
"I said no." Taylor stands up walking into the kitchen, leaving me, Courtney, and the little brat.
"What is he so upset about?" Courtney stands up following him into the kitchen.
I look down at Cade and he quickly gets up and runs away from me. It's really amazing the power I have over this kid, who I don't even like.
I can hear Taylor and Courtney, faintly, in the kitchen.


Ik Ik I haven't updated in FOREVER but I updated now sorry for the REALLY long wait, but I know what's gonna happen so hang on tight for these next for chapters 😘

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