Chapter 8 CPS

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•Cade's POV•

"Hey Noh, how you holding up." It was just me and Noah in the room right now since Mom had went home and Dad took off to somewhere unknown. "A lot's going on around here right now." I dare not tell her about Dad, that's for him to hash out with her. "Well Cole's getting better, I know you're worried about him. And before you ask, his pretty face is fine." I stifle a laugh and stand up, "See you later Noh."
"Hey Cade," my mom says walking up to me but I just ignore her, walking around her.
I get into my Black Rover they bought me for my sixteenth birthday and drive back out to the baseball field. But this time I grab a baseball bat and plug in the pitching machine.
I practice my swings and hit some balls over the fence, breaking windows of old abandoned houses. I wipe the sweat off of my forehead and drive home, noticing two strange cars in the driveway.
I walk inside and there's a man and woman I've never seen before today. Mom's crying and Dad's standing over in the corner yelling at the woman.
"What's going on?" I ask walking down the hall into the kitchen.
"Child Protective Services her for Kyler and MaKenzie Dallas."
"What, this has to be a mistake."
"These children and not properly being cared for, you and your sister are raising them."
"I'm fine with that!"
"Cade, just go to your room," Mom stutters and I yell back at her.
"Stop telling me what to do! You're dead to me!"
The man and woman take Kenzie and Ky out to the cars and Dad yells at Mom. "If you would've just come clean in the first place!"
"I told you I didn't want to lose Cameron again!"
"I was always second, I never stood a chance against him. Never. You always chose him and you always will!"
"Cade I don't want you to hear this."
"Stop Mom! I don't know why you keep giving me this BS!"
"Come on Cade, were getting a hotel room until Noah gets out of the hospital, then we can all move back to Indiana."
"No! Taylor, please! I just lost my husband and my two kids!"
"Save it for someone who cares!" He turns to me, "Cade go pack your stuff."
I pack all of my stuff, once again; I feel like I just did this.
"Get Noah's too!" I grab all of her stuff and stuff it into Dad's rental. We back out of the drive way and I don't say anything for a long time.

•Aria's POV•

Randomly the phone rings as Jack and I cuddle on the couch. I answer it and it's Court. "Hey Court what's up?"
"I'm all alone, Ari, I'm gonna go over the edge."
"Stay right there I'll be right over."
I jumped in the car and drove over to her house. "Court!" I called out opening the door, not bothering to knock.
"In here." She's drinking from a wine glass and her eyes are bloodshot.
"What's gotten in to you Court?"
"Nothing, I lost my two children, one hates me, and I'm about to lose another one. My husband hates me, my old best friend hates me, and I have no friends." She bawls into the counter and I rub her back. "Aria you have no idea what's been going on! Where have you been? You're supposed to be my best friend!"
"I'm sorry Court, I've just been, busy."
"What having an affair?"
"That is my personal business!" And with that I storm out angrily and drive home.

•Taylor's POV•

As angry as I am with Courtney, I can't help but smile every time I see Noah. I made her. Woah. I had always thought she was gorgeous and wondered how Cameron got those genes, but I guess they were mine. I must say, I'm pretty impressed with myself.
Once she wakes up I'm going to take her back to Indiana with me and Cade and then we'll live in my house, because I can't trust Courtney again. Who knows what she'd do.
"Cade, can you come in here?"
"What Dad?"
"We need to tell Noah about me, right after she wakes up."
"I don't know, we'll figure it out as we go I guess."
We walk back into the room and she starts to open her eyes. "Taylor, where's Mom?"
"She went home."
"Can I go home."
"About that, your Mom, she did something's, some misleading things a while back. And the truth about the things are just starting to come out."
"What's going on?"
Inhale air then speak, "Cameron isn't your father, I am."
"What? Not really right?"
"It's true." I take her hand and run it with my thumb.
"Is this some kind of joke?"
"It's not." Cade takes the other hand and sits next to her.
"What are we going to do?"
"Get full custody and make sure your mother pays for the things she did, and never sees you again."

•Courtney's POV•

I wake up in a hot flash. It could be, I need to make sure as soon as I find out I tell them. I will not let Noah grow up without knowing who her father is for certain.
I stand up in the same house I lived in in Indiana, placing my hands on my stomach. I look out the window and stare down at the street, with the moon shining down on the street.
"Are you okay Court? Is she coming?" Cameron walks into my room and I turn towards him.
"No, but I'll be fine."
"It's three in the morning. Get some sleep." He walks out and shuts the door behind him.
I look over at Cade fast asleep in his little toddler bed and smile.
I put my hands on my large stomach. "Hey Noh. I've got a big announcement for them tomorrow. You've still got about two months left inside me, but I can't wait to meet you. Goodnight."
I crawl back underneath the sheets and close my eyes.

Omg wow well that was unexpected (i think) but anyways...I've rewritten the last part at least 5 times bc I couldn't figure out how I wanted it to be but here's a chap and I'm going to be trying to put up chapter 9 in a little bit💖

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