Chapter 2

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•Cade's POV•
We had a family meeting and decided that if I wanted to go, I could. So I did.
I called dad up and he was more then happy to hear about this.
So today, I'm flying to my new house, in Indiana.
I got off my flight and ran to his Rover, since it was raining. "Hey Cade!"
"Hey dad."
"I'm so happy you decided to come back."
"Yeah, well, I just wasn't happy at home."
"Why not?"
"Mom's having a baby."
"What?" He coughs and his knuckles grip the wheel.
"Yeah, she's pregnant."
"Oh my God."
"Yep. But I had to get out of there."
"I feel like the less important child. And now there's a new baby. So great."
"Oh Cade. You know your mother loves you a lot."
"Yeah, but I sure wish she'd show it more."
"She'd walk through Hell for you."
"I bet." I say sarcastically and we pull up to the house.
I walk in the door and Brittany runs over to me. "Bubba!"
"Hey Britt. I'm back home, for good."
"Yay!" I brought my stuff up stairs into Cole's old room.
Annalee walks in and sits on my bed. "Hey buddy."
"Hey, Ann."
"You can call me mom, you know." She laughs and I force a smile.
"Okay." I laugh and finished unpacking everything. Eventually she gets bored and leaves, while I lay down on my bed, exhausted from my flight. Then my phone rings.
"Ahh!" I get up and answer it. "Hello?"
"Hey babe."
"Hi mom."
"Are you at your dad's?"
"Are you feeling okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine."
"You don't sound like yourself."
"Mom, I'm fine."
"Okay, oh, your brother wants to talk to you."
Kyler gets on the phone. "Cade?"
"Hey, Ky."
"Where are you? What time are you gonna be home so we can eat?"
"I'm at home."
"Where are you?"
"In Indiana."
"What room is that?"
"I'm at my dad's house."
"Dad's right here."
"My dad."
"Who's Taylor?"
"My dad."
"Isn't Cameron your dad?"
"Here's mom."
My mom got on the phone. "Hey baby, I just wanted to ask if- I gotta go. Kyler needs me. Love you." And she hung up. Again.
I slammed my phone down and laid down on my bed, with my arms spread above my head. I rub my eyes and stand up again, looking out the window, at the familiar view.
"Hey Cade, dinner's ready." Dad says poking through the door.

•Courtney's POV•
Today Cade left and went to his dad's, and it was hard. He didn't really say why he wanted to leave, but it was definitely different without him.
"What Ky?"
"Where's Cade?"
"With his dad."
"He was just there."
"He lives there now baby."
He gives me a weird look and goes to play. I sit down and Cameron walks in. "Look what I bought!"
"What is that?"
"A string!"
"Cameron," I sigh.
"No! Give me your ring." I slide it off my finger and hand it to him. "Lay down." He commands. I follow his order and lay down. "Lift your shirt." He gently slides it up and puts the string above my belly, and drop the ring, holding on to the tip of the string. I watch as the ring goes in circular motion. "It's a girl." He smiles and kisses my stomach.
"You know that's not completely accurate Cam." I run my fingers through his hair and he laughs.
"I know, but we might be having a girl."
"What do you want?" I ask.
"A girl. What do you want?"
"A boy."
"What would you name him?"
"Myles. What would you name her?"
"Samantha, or Sam." He smiles and kisses me. He hands me my ring back and I go to cook dinner. "What's for dinner. I'm hungry." He grabs my butt and I jump.
"You naughty boy." I laugh and grab the box of sugar above my head.
"You love it."
"Hah." I laugh and turn around to grab a spoon. He kisses me and sets me on the counter.
"Mom! Dad! Gross!" Noah yells shielding her eyes.
"Oh, please, we know what you've been doing with Kayden." Kayden was her boyfriend and we caught them kissing at a movie last week, but we didn't intervene.
She rolls her eyes but doesn't argue, because she knows it's true. "Least I'm not making babies."
"You never know." Cameron chimed in, trying to be funny.
"No! Ew! Ahh!" She runs into her room and I get down off the counter, and grab the spoon I was originally going for.
"Cam, do you really thinks shes, doing it, with Kayden?"
"That boy better hope not. Chop 'em off." He makes a chopping gesture and I laugh. "Better not a lay a finger on my daughter."
"Maybe it's time we have the talk with her, since we already had it with Kyler, it shouldn't be as hard."
"What dad?"
"Come out here, we want to talk to you."
"Sit down, sweetie." I walk her back to the couch.
"What's going on? What did I do?"
"I don't know. Feeling guilty? Maybe your interior thighs hurt?"
"Dad! No!"
"You sure?"
"No! Dad! Where is this coming from."
"We think it's time we have, the talk."
"Oh God." She rolls her eyes but I keep talking.
"At this age, you're going to be attracted to boys, you know, as more then friends. Like sexually."
"Mom," she starts.
"I, we, just don't want you ending up pregnant. There's things you can do to prevent that."
"I know!" She storms out the door and runs down the driveway, probably going to her best friend Salem's house.
"I think it went well." Cameron laughs and I go back to making dinner.

•Noah's POV•

"Hey. I think their catching on."
"Yeah, they gave me the 'talk' just now."
"What happened?"
"My mom thinks I'm 'sexually active'" I say using air quotes.
"Bingo." Kayden kisses me and pushes me back on his bed.
"Kay, we have to be careful. We can't get caught. She thinks I'm at Salem's"
"It's okay. We'll just be extra careful."

•Kyler's POV•

"Mom? Where's Noh?"
"At a friends house. Can you call her and tell her dinner is almost ready?"
"Yeah." I grabbed the phone and dialed her number. "Sissy."
"Kayden, stop." She whispers. "What bubba?"
"Momma says come home."
"Ugh, tell her I'm coming."
I hang up. "She's coming. Where's Cade?"
"I told you, with dad."
"Can we call him."
"Sure baby." I dial the number and hand him the phone.

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