Chapter 6

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•Taylor's POV•

About two months after Cade moved back in with her, I called Court, but Noah answered the phone.
"This is Noah. Who is this?"
"Taylor. Cade's Dad."
"Oh, hi." You would think her voice would drop, me being the guy her mom had a fling with before her dad, but it doesn't. she's been raised right. "How're you?"
"I'm good, and you?"
"Not so good."
"I'm sorry to hear that. Hey listen, is your mom there?"
"Yeah, hang on." I hear her call out to Court in the background. "Mom! Someone's on the phone! You have to come out here, I'm not bringing it to you!"
"Hello?" She doesn't sound good, at all.
"Taylor?" I don't know if it's wishful thinking, but it seems like she perks up when she hears my voice.
"That's me. How're you?"
"Fine." She whispers, I can tell she's about to break down so I change the subject.
"Cameron been in anymore movies lately?"
"Yeah." She doesn't even want to have a conversation because she's so depressed, I feel terrible.
"That's awesome."
"Yeah, hey, listen I have to go." She begins but Noah pipes in from the background.
"Talk some more Mom. You'll feel better."
She walks outside because I hear the door close. "I miss you Court."
"I miss you too."
"Maybe I'll bring Cole and we could come visit sometime."
"I'd love that." I can hear her smile and she starts talking more. "Are you seriously thinking about it?"
"Yeah, it'll be fun, like old times." I laugh slightly.
"Yeah, like that time we went skydiving and you guys tried to mess with me."
"Then I disappeared, yeah, I remember. Or that time I got mad you and Aria got matching tattoos."
"That was dumb."
"I'm sorry,"
"No, I'm talking about getting the tattoos, we hardly ever talk."
"I told you, I knew what was best for you! Should've listened to Taylor." She laughs and I do to. "Well, I just wanted to call and tell you about my master plan. Someday."
"Yeah, I'd love that."
"Well, you take care of yourself Court, love you."
"I love you too Tay." We hang up and I smile, knowing she has to be doing better.
"Taylor!" Annalee yells.
"Could you get Brittany a bath going?"
"Yeah." I turn on the water and call her in. "Bath time!"

•Courtney's POV•

When I hung up, for the first time in a long time, I felt hope. "Hey Mom, who was on the phone?" Cade asks pausing his sweeping.
"Your dad." I smile and he smiles too.
"What did he say?"
"He want's to bring Cole out here and visit."
"I told him he should. It'd be cool."
"That's great Mom."
"Yeah, I miss him," I sigh.
"Me too." He resumes his sweeping and pushes everything into the dustpan.
"Let me get that Cade."
"Are you sure Mom?"
"Yeah, I can do it baby."

•Cade's POV•

The truth is I knew exactly what she had said and what he had said, because I listened in on the other line. I have to say, when they told each other that thy loved one another I did smile, big.
When Mom voluntarily took the pan from me I didn't know what was going on in her mind. But I think we're getting somewhere. Slowly.
I dragged Noah into the bedroom we were sharing and she hugged me. "That's great Cade."
"Maybe we're getting somewhere." But I could tell she wasn't happy.
"What's wrong, Noh?"
"What if Dad doesn't come back, he just leaves us? What do we do then Cade?"
The selfish part I me wanted Cameron to leave, so that my Mom and Dad could get back together, but I knew that wasn't going to happen anytime soon.
"He will Noh, he's not just gonna leave you guys."
"You know he didn't mean what he said, about you, being an accident."
"I know." That hurt, because I knew it was true. I wasn't a planned baby. I knew that part, I'd overheard Mom talking about it with him one time. But something's, I didn't need to share with even my closest siblings.
Even though I was 'unplanned', I sure got a lot of love. I may not be had the best relationship with my grandparents, but my Dad's Mom is pretty cool.
As expected, I'm my Mom's Mom's least favorite grandchild. She always loved Cameron, never my Dad. In fact, I know she told my Mom that he was just going to get her pregnant and leave. But that didn't happen. He stuck by her until things were unbearable.
I don't really like her though, hearing she did push my mother into a fireplace and all. But my Dad was there to help. He really loves her.
"Cade," Noah starts off, "you're not believing it are you?"
"Of course not, he was drunk, he has no idea what he was saying."
"Good." She hugs me and stand up. "I'm going to finish the dishes."
"I'm going to clean Mom's room." I walk in and change the sheets and vacuum. As the vacuum goes under the bed it hits something. I grab a box with cards in it, tired with things like, Open When: you're feeling sad, or Open When: you miss me. They were all Open When. What is this?
All of the envelopes were open so I took them out, leaving the box back under the bed. I stuff the cards under my mattress for later tonight.
I go back to cleaning and finish up, as Mom comes back in, crying. "Mom, are you okay?"
"Cameron left me!" She yells falling to the ground.
"I'm sure he'll come back, Mom." And if he doesn't you have my Dad, who you should end up with.
"I don't know, the way Noah described it, he was pretty mad."
"Are you upset with me?"
"You sticking up for your baby sister? No, Cade, you've become such a responsible young man, I love you baby, I'm so glad you stuck up for her."
"I love you too Mom. Here, why don't you lie down for a bit, what some tv." I hand her the remote and she flips through the channels.
"You really think he's coming back?"
"Yeah." I smile slightly and shut the door. "Noah!"
"I'm sorry! I had to Cade, she kept asking. I didn't know what else to tell her. She was like, 'Noah, you tell me where your father is!' So, I did, and you saw how she took it."
She's so broken right now, I just can't believe she would tell her now. I walk into the room with Kenzie and Ky, and they aren't there, all of their stuff is.
"Noh?" I call, my voice shaking. "Come here."
She lifts the note up off the bed and attempts to read the slipping handwriting. "We're taking Daddy's advice and running away. You don't know where we are,
Kenz and Ky
PS: don't come to the park, we won't be there.
"Cade, can you drive?"
"Yeah, I don't have any keys."
"Hey, Mom," Noah knocks on the door, entering, a few seconds later she's back with the keys to one of the cars.
"How'd you get those."
"We're going to the store."
"You told her the store? Now we actually have to stop and buy something," I groan as I start the car, and back it out onto the road.
"Cade can you drive any faster?" She snaps at me.
"Do you want me to get a ticket, Noh, how smart would that be? We'd be even more late."
"Just shut up and drive please."
We pull up to the park and she books it to the mini train that sits in the park. It's an actual train, but just the front two cars. I climbed in after her, hearing them. "So I get this bed, and you get this one. Noah? What are you doing here? How did you find us?" Kyler asks walking over to me.
I grab his hand, "We're going home, come on."
"But we're just getting settled in." Kenzie whines.
"Come on." I drag Kyler out and Noah carries Kenzie. They get in the car reluctantly and give us death stares. "Do you know how worried we were?" I start, "You guys could've been kidnapped, or hurt. How was I supposed to know?"
"Cade, I think you're being a little harsh," Noah whispers.
"Really, they could've been hurt! You haven't been thinking lately have you?"
"I'm sorry if your Dad didn't just walk out on your life and you have no idea if he's ever coming back to see you ever again, Cade! This is a hard time for all of us! You act like you're so superior to all of us with your brains and knowledge, but you're not!"
"Are you really gonna blame all that on me?"
"If the shoe fits, Cade!"
"I come back, willingly, to help you and everyone else. If it wasn't for me, you'd still be doing everything by yourself, slaving away, and you know I'm right."
"Let me out." She mutters.
"Stop the car I want out."
"Noah, we're five miles from home."
"I want out. Stop this car and let me out."
"If she leaves so do we." Kenzie says clutching onto Kyler. "We don't want to be with you."
"You're not going anywhere." I lock the doors, but Noah unlocks them getting out onto the road. "Are you insane?" I yell.
"Yeah, come on kids." The kids crawl out the back seat and she grabs their hands and walks off. Unbelievable.
And now, I have to stop off at the store to buy some fictional groceries because Noah, wasn't thinking clearly.
I buy a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread, then drive home, praying Mom isn't up. I know that's not much to wish for, what are the odds of her getting up anyways? She never does, unless we basically force her to, so I should be good.
I open the door and immediately, "Where are you brother and sisters?"
"They wanted to go on a walk, they'll be back later, they just went on a local trail from the park, because we let the kids play, then they wanted to go on a trail so Noah took them and I went to the grocery store.
"Aw, look at my babies taking responsibility here. I love it."
I put the stuff away and go into my room and pull out the letters.
The 'Open When: You receive this box' card catches my eye. I slip the card out of the envelope and read:
Courtney I have always loved you, since the day I laid eyes on you. You were beautiful, amazing. In every single way possible. I'm sorry I made you run into the woods and you don't deserve this. I love you.
My dad wrote this? He wrote all of these? He really loved her.
I read through several of the other ones when I hear my mom coming. I quickly stuff them down under the mattress, as she opens the door. "Cade, can you come here?"
"Yeah." I follow her out to the kitchen and she looks a me.
"Where's Cameron?"
"I don't know."
"Cade, tell me."
"I don't know! He left in a rage."
"Why was he mad?"
"Because, I dumped all his beer," I lie because if I told her about what he said to the kids she'd never believe me.
"Why did you do that?"
"He was drinking his life away, it wasn't good for him."
"I see Cade, I see." She walks off without any emotion in her eyes and shuts her door.
"See what you did Cade!" Noah yells walking in the door.
"I had to cover for you when I got home! I just covered for you now! I could've told her husband abused his daughter!"
"Kids, go take a nap." They run off into there rooms and I sit on the couch. "How do you live with yourself, Cade?"
"You go around like you're better than everyone and you're obviously Mom's favorite!"
"Is that what this is about?"
"She didn't get up until you came! If I dumped Dad's beer I'd be grounded, if I dropped my siblings off to walk home I'd be in trouble! You're constantly blaming me for something I mess up on when I'm trying to save you're butt!"
"You think I'm the favorite?"
"Yes! Are you blind?"
"I left because she was favoring everyone else!"
"Do you know how selfish that is?"
"Well I'm sorry if I wanted some attention! She went to all of your cheer comps last year, and never came to any of my football games! She went to all of Kyler's soccor games and didn't come to see me in the baseball tournament, once. Not once!"
"Stop acting like that!"
"I took a blow to the jaw and my eye for you, and this is how you act? I could've let you be the one with this black eye and swollen chin!"
"Cade," she says softly.
"You think I wanted to be punched in the face? Really? No!"
"Cade," she says a bit louder.
"I'm sorry." She hugs me and goes into her room, shutting the door.

"Cade?" He sounds, strange.
"Dad, it's three in the morning over there."
"I know, I just had to call you."
"What's up?"
"You know Brittany?"
"My sister?"
"Well, her."
"She's not, your sister."
"She's not mine." He whispers quietly and I hear him sniffle softly.
"What? Who's is she?"
"Some other guy. But she passed her off as mine."
"Dad, are you okay?"
"Yeah, just don't come, your mom needs you more."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes. I love you Cade, goodnight."
I have to admit, I honor my dad for how he treats Mom. He sacrificed his only child so she can be happy. I sometimes have to wonder if what he told me really went down, if that actually ever happened about him cheating, because I see how he treated her, even now.
"Dad," I call him back. "What if you came out here, for a couple weeks, like to visit, and brought Cole?"
"I don't know, I don't want to seem intrusive to Cameron."
"He's not here. He left."
"To where?"
"We don't know."
"I'll see what I can do." I can hear the smile on his face as we hang up.
Operation: Get Mom and Dad back together step 1, complete.

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