Chapter 9

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•Courtney's POV•
I wake up feeling uneasy and get in the shower, feeling sick. The hot water hits my skin, as if I'm standing in a fire.
I put on a black top and white pants, heading downstairs.

Cameron and Taylor don't talk anymore, haven't ever since they found out about me. Taylors mad because Cameron took me when he knew that me and Taylor were dating, and Cameron just doesn't trust Taylor.
Taylor's not a bad guy, so he's letting us stay here, but just until the baby's born.

I walk into the living room and I could cut the tension with a knife. "Guys, I need to talk to you both."
I sit down on the couch facing them both, "There is a good chance that this baby is either of yours. I'm not sure who's baby this is, but there's a strong possibility that, Taylor, you may be the father."
"Really?" He smiles lightly and then stands up, walking outside without saying a word.
"Cameron, are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine, it's just, she may seriously be his?"
"Oh. Well I had better go to the grocery story anyways, so I'll leave," he walks out awkwardly.
I lookout the glass backdoor at Taylor standing next to the pool and walk out to him. "Taylor?" I close the door and walk to him, catching the scent of cigarette smoke. "Are you okay?"
"No. You want the baby to be Cameron's. You know it, I know it, he knows it."
"It's not like that Taylor?"
"It is! Courtney I loved you more than anything, I did, but then you go and fall back in love with Cameron."
"Taylor, I honestly don't care who's baby this is, because I know that whoever's she is, is gonna take care of her like a real father should."
"If she was mine, I wouldn't be able to see her, and she's probably assume Cameron's her father."
"Taylor, that would be like me saying that Cameron is Cade's dad. He's not. I promise that if she's yours, you'll get to see her all you want." I take his hand and kiss the top of it. "Don't tear yourself apart over this, okay?"
"Okay." We walk back into the house and sit on the couch together. He runs his hand on my stomach and kisses my stomach.
"When's your next appointment, I'll go with you."
"Tuesday." Taylor kisses my hand and turns on the tv.
"Do you really mean, what you said, earlier?"
"Yeah. As long as you're both right beside me, I couldn't care less who's baby this is."

•Taylor's POV•

I knew she was lying to me. I saw it in her eyes, but I decided to let it go. Not much I could do now anyways. Unless I decide to make a move.
I cram my lips in between her neck and jaw, making her jump. "Taylor."
"Sorry." I wasn't really. I pinned her against the couch and kisses her lips. There was no way this pregnant lady was getting away.
"Taylor, I love you."
"I love you t- wait what?" I scrunch up my face giving her a confused look.
"I love you Taylor. you need to understand, I meant what I said, I wasn't lying."
"I love you too." I led her upstairs and kissed her before falling asleep while she was watching tv.

My phone rang and I got up to answer it, noticing it was Courtney. "Hello?"
"Were you still asleep?"
"It's five o'clock."
"Of the next day."
"Really?" I start frantically looking around.
"Nah, I'm kidding, but I was calling to ask you to check and make sure that the back door is locked, I didn't remember locking it when we came back inside."
"Yeah I'll check, where are you?"
"I'm over at the grocery store. Has Cameron come back yet?"
I roll my eyes at the sound of his name, "No." Thank God.
"Okay, well thanks." She hangs up and I walk down the stairs looking at the lock, unlocked.
I turn back towards the kitchen but something catches my eye. I turn back around and Cade is face down in the pool. I unlock the door and run out to the pool, jumping in and grabbing him. His face is blue and he's not breathing. I give him for and reach for my phone, but it's ruined. Once I feel a tiny heart beat I run inside and grab the house phone, dialing 911.
The ambulance comes as I hold his little hands. I use the paramedics phone to call Courtney.
She screams and I hear her drop something. "Hurry!"

•Courtney's POV•

I run through the hospital doors and find Taylor. "They won't let anyone in just yet," Taylor takes my hands.
"What happened?"
"When I went to check the lock I found him face down!"
"Allison." I mutter as my head starts pounding and memories start flooding back. "I need to get in there!" I bang on the door and a security guard grabs me. "No that's my son! I need to be in there with him! Cade I love you baby I'm coming! Hold on!"
"Mam, I'm going to have to ask you to leave the premises if you can not calm down." The security guard shakes his head and I grab Courtney.
"Courtney, it's not going to do us any good. if anything it'll make him scared. Calm down baby, he's gonna be okay, I promise." I take her head and put it in my chest. I just realized how much taller than her I am. I'm 5'10 while she's 5'6.
"Shh, shh." I rub her back while she cries into my chest. I sit bit of us down in chairs and she curls into me.
"This can't be happening!" Her yells fill the room and the nurses look at us strangely.
"Shhh, he's gonna be okay. he's got a lot of life left to live."
"How do you know that, Taylor? How do you really know that?"
"I don't, but I know our son, and he's a fighter. He's strong. Stronger than I am sometimes."
"You really think so?"
"Yeah, now why don't you sleep some while we wait?"
"No, I want to know everything."
"You sure, I can stay awake and tell you everything as it comes i-" she stops me.
"I'll stay awake." She rests her head on my chest and I lay my head on the back of my chair.
Come on Cade.

If you don't remember who Allison was she was Courtney's little sister who drowned. It's really late rn and I know I shops probably sleep but I don't want to bc I can't write during the week, so I can only write now.

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