Chapter 10

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•Taylor's POV•
"Baby, wake up." I shake Courtney and she lifts her head off of my lap. "We can go see Cade now."
She looks exhausted so I lift her up and she wraps her arms around my neck. I set her down on the stool and she looks at Cade sleeping on the bed. "Cade, wake up baby."
He starts to shake and opens his eyes, looking around the room. His eyes start to tear as he sees the tubes in his arms and the little scar on the other side of his chest, not just the one he got when she fed him peas.
"Baby, shhh, calm down, you're okay. Mommy and Daddy are here."
I take Cade's little hand into the palm of my own and hold it tight. "You're okay. See, you're having a check up."
"Mommy!" He cries through his sobs.
I know it hurts Courtney to see him like that, but she can't hold him or hug him right now because of all of his tubes in his arms.
"It's okay baby. I promise. Calm down. Don't cry." He looks at me as if suspecting me of something. "Hey, if you stop crying, I'll buy you ice cream." He stops crying almost immediately and smiles.
Josh walks in and looks at us. "He should be good to go whenever you want to take him, but let me tell you, that was a close call. we had to make an incision so that we could see what was going on inside his body, so that's what the scar is."
"Thank you." I mess up Cade's hair and he giggles.
"And let me say Courtney, your looking as gorgeous as ever."
"Thank you."

(At doc. appt.)
"Courtney, you can't honestly tell me that you're eight months pregnant. You look fabulous!"
"Thank you Josh!"
Josh was the new pediatrician that Courtney started going to ever since she turned four months pregnant. And I hated him.
He always flirts with Court, making comments about her body, and sometimes I think he just makes her undress so he can see her, not to check anything.
I've also noticed how he likes to touch her butt area and her chest area, but she doesn't see it.
"So, you're here for your regular check-up. Well let's see her."
She sits down on the chair and lifts up her shirt. He puts the gel on her stomach and Cameron comes in the room holding Cade on his hip.
"Cameron, what are you doing here?" I ask him, moving to him trying to speak quietly, taking Cade from him, but he speaks at a regular volume.
"Hey, this baby could be mine too, we've never agreed she's yours."
"He's right Tay, he should be here too."
"Yeah." I mutter as Cameron sits on the stool, leaving me to stand up holding my son.
"See this right here is the head, and this is the little tiny arm." Josh points to little tiny blobs on the screen and Cameron acts interested. Ew.
"What's that?" Cameron points to a white circle on the screen and Josh chuckles at the screen.
"That's what proves she's a girl."
I laugh at Cameron's foolishness and smile at Courtney. "So, is she healthy?"
"Very, someone's taking good care of her."
"Yeah, I got someone." I frown as Courtney smiles at Cameron taking his hand.
I walk out of the door carrying Cade and sit in the waiting room.
I put him in my lap and he looks at me. I can't believe I almost lost my baby boy. No football, no baseball, no nothing.

•Cameron's POV•

"Who's he, I've never seen him come to any of the check ups before?"
"My be-" I cut Courtney off.
"Her ex."
"The baby might be his," Courtney explains.
"But she might be mine." I insist, certain that Noah is mine. I just know that she's mine.
"Bottom line is, we don't know who the father is, so she might be his, while she might be Cameron's."
"Oh, well, good luck to you sir. She's very healthy and it looks like you can rest assure that natural birth is going to be the way to go."
"Thank you Josh." He hugs her and touches her butt.
"Hey, that's mine for grabbing." I swat his hands and grab Courtney's hand.
We walk out of the room and Taylor's playing with Cade. I swear that man makes me sick. Acting all innocent around Courtney, when he knows that she was mine first.
And I'm going to get her back.

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