Chapter 1

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•Courtney's Pov•

"Kyler! Get up! You're going to be late for you're soccer game!"
Me, Cameron, and the kids now lived in Los Angeles, California. Taylor still lives in Indiana and gets to see Cade every other year, he was flying back today, but the kids didn't know and they missed him a lot since he had for a month. Cameron was going to take Kyler to his soccer game, while I went to get Cade.
Noah, being the oldest girl, at fourteen, was at home watching Kenzie.
I got in the car and drove to LAX to pick up Kyler. I stood outside the arrival gate. He came walking out and I went up to him and hugged him. "Hi baby."
"Hey mom!"
"How was Indiana?"
"Great! And guess what! I have a little sister!"
"Oh, really?" I forced a smile, because it was weird. Taylor with someone else then me. Hm. "What's her name?"
"Brittany. She's three."
"That's great honey. Now come on. We're gonna go surprise Kyler at his soccer game."
We drove there and I immediately noticed he took out his phone and was texting someone. I tried to ignore it, and give him some space. "So, does your dad have a girlfriend?"
"No. Fiancé."
"Yeah." He sets his phone down and looks at me. "Her name is Annalee. That's Brittany's mom. They've been engaged for five months but they dated for like two years."
"Didn't you say Brittany was three?"
"They weren't dating." Typical Taylor. hasn't changed. "Cole asked about you."
"Really?" I smiled remembering that he still thinks of me.
"Yeah, he wants to come out sometime to see you. I told him he could and I gave him your number."
"Aw," I sighed. I missed my best friend. "Okay, I have to ask. Any girls in Indiana for you?"
"Mommm!" He groans holding out the m.
"Okay, fine, there's this one. But she has a boyfriend. End of story."
"Ooo what's her name."
"Mia." I would've kept asking but we pulled into the parking lot.
We got out and they were at half time. Perfect. Kyler ran over to Cade and hugged him. "Bubba!"
"Hey there Ky! Are you winning?"
"Yeah, I scored a goal!"
"Good! Okay you get back out their with your team! I see you when the game is over."
"Bye." He ran back out onto the field smiling. I love my kids.
We drove home to surprise the girls and Kenzie was really happy, Noah, not so much, considering she had to move back in with Kenzie, since they usually had to share a room.
"Hey Kenz!" She ran up and hugged me and I lifted her up.
"Okay! Family dinner is ready!" I say setting the pot roast on the table.
After we've been eating for about ten minutes, I spoke up. "I have an announcement." Everyone looked at me as if they were waiting for me to continue. "I'm pregnant."
Cade chokes on his roast. "What?"
"I'm pregnant. We're having another baby."
I watch the look of shock turn to horror on their faces. "You're not happy." I pout.
"Baby, I am." Cameron says kissing me.
"No, I'm happy, it's just that, you did what you have to do to have a baby. That's just gross." Noah says almost gagging.
"Oh please," I say laughing. Kyler and Kenzie are sitting there quietly. "What do you guys think? Are you happy about the new baby?"
"Sure, I guess. But I don't want anymore to eat." Kyler says pushing his plate away from him.
"Me either." Kenzie copies Kyler.
"Guys." I start.
"I don't want anything else either." Noah looks at both of us again, gagging.
"Guys! You sit down and finish your dinner that your mother cooked! Right now!" Cameron speaks rather harshly. The three of them slowly walk back to the table and sit down quietly. We all finish dinner in silence.
After dinner Cameron insisted on washing the dishes, considering I was carrying around another person, but I tried to tell him I was perfectly capable of doing the dishes. Nope. He insisted I go lie down instead. I love this man.

•Cade's POV•
I honestly am not happy about this baby. I feel like ever sine Noah was born, I was always the less important child. Maybe I'm just paranoid about this stuff. But it's like I was sorta forgotten about, I came last.
But there is nothing I can do. This baby is coming and there is nothing I can do to stop it.
When I was at dad's he always made both of us feel important. Like we were equal.
I know what I need to do.

•Courtney's POV•
"Mom." I heard someone knock on the door.
Cade walked in the door and say on the end of the bed. "Can we talk?"
"Of course baby."
"Um, you know how, never mind. Goodnight."
"Wait!" I sigh as he closes the door. My little boy can't talk to his own mother.
"What?" He sticks his head in the door.
"Come here."
"Look, Mom, it's no big deal."
"Obviously it is. Tell me."
"I want to go live with dad."

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