Chapter 3

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•Cade's POV•
"Momma?" Brittany says peeking into my room.
"Your momma's not in here, Britt."
"Otay," she waddles back out and I get ready for school, since it's the middle of November. I was on independent study for the past month, while I was here, but now I'm going to high school here, as a sophomore.
I put on a pull-over hoodie and jeans with black Vans and grab my back pack. "Dad!"
"Ready?" He was still wearing those stupid bandanas, I always thought that was pretty strange. I'm still not sure why he always wears them.
"Yeah." He drives me to school and asks me about my mom. He talks about her a lot. I've always wanted them to get back together. So we could be a full family, but with this new baby with Cameron, I don't see that happening anytime soon.
"I haven't seen her since you were three. Does she still look the same?"
"I don't remember what she looked like when I was three."
"Oh, year, sorry. I bet she does."
"Are you like obsessed with mom or something?" I laugh so it doesn't sound mean.
"No," he laughs too, "we were just best friends and things didn't really go down well after that."
"How did you meet?"
"Well, we were on the same plane the first time we met, and she recognized me because Cameron and her were dating, and she had just seen a picture of me on Cameron's phone, because we were all going to this Magcon thing. It was this thing for people to meet us."
"Where you like famous?"
"Yeah, I guess you could say that."
"Well how did you meet her the second time, you said originally, that's how you met."
"Okay, so Cameron and her got in this fight because she found out about this new girl named Kara on tour and Kara tweeted that her and him were dating, while your mom and Cam were dating. So we flew out there to try and get her back for him and he over-dosed, and while we were at the hospital he told her he never wanted to see her again, and," he stops talking. "I don't really want to tell you the rest."
"Come on dad."
"Your mom, tried to commit suicide," my eyes shut and I take in a deep breath. "I found her right before, and stopped her. She started dating me after that and we went string for awhile, and had you. Then your grandma went into a coma. I should probably mention she thought I was cheating on her. Cam and your mom went back, while I stayed here with you, and your mom got pregnant with Noah, and we called things off when we found out she was pregnant."
"Wow," is all I could say. "Mom," I sigh.
"She's clean now. And we're here. Have a good day."
"Bye dad." I suck in a deep breath before getting out into the misty air.
I never even knew. Poor mom. Poor dad. He never had a chance with mom. She was a Cameron girl from the start.

School went by in a blur but I did see Mia several times. She spoke but was in a hurry to get to her next class every time.
Dad picked me up from in front of the school, as he will be driving me until I get my license next month.
As I was getting into the car, my first period teacher walked over. "Taylor Caniff? You're the son of Taylor Caniff?"
"Yeah, why?"
"I'm a huge fan." She walks over to Dad's side and he rolls down the window.
"Thanks, it means a lot."
"Can I get a picture?"
"Sure thing." He gets out of the car and takes a picture with her. "Thank you."
She runs off and I look at him. "So you were famous."
"Nah, I was just well known."

•Aria's POV•

I woke in Jack Gilinsky's bed with his arm wrapped around my bare back.
Brent was out of town and the kids were at their auntie Courtney's and uncle Cameron's house and I went to a party last night and apparently, I went too far with Jack. He sits up next to me and looks at me. "What happened?" His morning voice was sexy. My head is pounding with this huge hangover
I stood up and went to the closet to put on some clothes. "I dddon't know. Ppplease tell me that you, used protection."
"I, um," he scratches the back of his neck.
"Hang on." He stands up and walks over to the trash. "We're good."
"Please put on some clothes and cover your junk."
"Oh, yeah." He blushes and runs to put on his boxers. "You know," he smirks, "this was," I cut him off.
"Jack Finnegan Gilinsky!"
"Sorry." He wraps his arms around me kisses my head, and as if on cue, my phone rings.
"Courtney? Why are you calling me?"
"I have your children. Don't you want them back?"
"Oh, yeah, give me thirty minutes."
We hang up and I brush my hair back, leaving Jack to point out a hickey on my neck. "Crap," I grab my make up and try to conceal the spot and usher him to get dressed. "Hide!" I shove him into my closet and open the door when the bell rings. "Hi babies! Did you have fun at aunties last night?"
"Yeah." They say and head to their rooms.
"Thanks again Court."
"No problem, hey what were you doing when I called you this morning? You sounded, busy, if you know what I mean."
"Nah, I was just really tired. Last night's party went a little longer then expected."
"Did you party at home at all?" She raises her eyebrows but I laugh.
"Nah, hangovers suck."
"Mhm. Well, I better get going. I got to get dinner going."
"Bye." I shut the door and since the kids are in their rooms I let Jack out and he leaves.

Hayyyy! Sorry I haven't updated in a while and this chapter is just kind of a filler but there will be more action later!

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