Chapter 11

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•Taylor's POV•

"Cade!" I pick him up from his playpen and carry him to his highchair. I warm up his bottle and he finishes it quietly.
"Yes Bubs?"
"Cam Cam?"
"No." I say trying to keep my cool. God I hate that man.
He likes to act like he's the good guy and he's perfect when in reality he stole her from me. Ripped her from my arms.
"Courtney." I yell up the stairs and she hobbles her pregnant self down the stairs, with Cameron on her toes.
I give Cameron a dirty look, "you know what, never mind."
Have I mentioned how much I hate him? He gets to sleep with her, why? Why?
I clean up the kitchen and being Cade back upstairs to play. "Court?"
"She comes outside the nursery, with Cameron right behind her.
"Do you mind?" I say glaring at Cameron. I should just kick him out of my house. The only thing is, if this baby turns out to be mine, Courtney would move in with Cameron wherever he went, and I wouldn't get to see my daughter.
Stupid Cameron always has to ruin everything.
"Of course," he kissed Courtney's head and turns around, "let me know if you need anything."
"Yeah, because I totally can't help her myself." I say back at him and he rolls his eyes. I hate him.
"What did you want Tay?"
"I just wanted to know if you'd go with me tomorrow night to a movie?"
"I'd love to, but Cameron's already taking me to go see the Pacers game tomorrow night. Maybe another time?"
"Yeah." She walks off and smiles while I mentally rio myself apart inside.
God. I. Hate. That. Man.
He'll probably make Cade call him dad whenever Cade goes over to their house. No. Not my son. Not if I have anything to say about it.
And Cameron doesn't want to see me when I get beyond POed.

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