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~Jayonna pov~

I was in Walmart with karter and quan and quan dumbass was playin around ugh why him and karter even come I can't shop in peace .....I was looking at the meat when I felt somebody tap my shoulder I turned around and it was an old friend if mine Jamiya she moved away when we was freshman's

"Is that you Jayonna" she asked

"Yeah it's me" I said

"Well damn girl how you been" she asked

"I've been-" I was cut off by quan throwing stuff at me

"Quan stop playin you and King gone get us kicked out" I said

I only call karter king in pubic at certain places

"Who's you friend" quan asked

"Bye quan go find what I told you to get" I said

"But" he said

"Go quan" I said

Then he walked away

"Well I live here now again ....I'm having a party tonight you should come" she said

"Ok ill come ...can I bring my boyfriend though" I asked her

"Yeah girl ...I don't care" she said

"Ok but I need your number" I said

"Ok here" we exchanged numbers and I finished shopping and went home

Yeah I know it super short but I got plans for the next chapter

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