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Jay pov

I woke up feeling sick as hell I've been throwing up all morning ughhh this is one of the reasons I hate being pregnant I didn't see karter next to me so I looked around the house and him and Nari wasn't here but right then him Nari And Ky'rinn came in the house and Ky ran to me

"Jayyyy" she said hugging me

"Hey Ky" I said laughing

Her mother had finally got her shit together but Ky'rinn still wanted to live with karter but Rashay gets her for a couple of days when she not working I'm actually proud of her

"Oh you went to get Ky"I asked him holding my head sitting down because I was getting dizzy

"Ky go take your brother in the movie room" karter said

"Otay daddy...Come on Nari" she said grabbing Nari little hand

"What's wrong jay" karter asked me

"I'm fine I'm just sick like I was pregnant with Nari ill be fine....Im sleepy" I said laying on the couch

"Well you need some rest I'm bout to take the kids with me to Quans....you want anything while I'm gone" karter asked me

"Uhh yeah get me a steak sub wait no make that 3 and Ice cream" I said smiling

"Anything else greedy"he asked

"Oooo hot Cheetos" I said excited

"No you get heart burn when you eat them" he said

"Please karter" I whined

"No Jayonna" he said

I really want my hot Cheetos so me being me I sat on karter lap kissing his neck

"Can you please get me some Karter" I said in between kisses

"Awweee uhhhh y-yeah Ill get you some" he said stuttering

Then I got up and kissed his cheek

"Thank you karter" I said with a smirk

"Wait what oh hell naw you tricked me that's not fair jay you know I haven't got none in a while and you playing with my emotions naw naw you ain't gettin those hot Cheetos" he said mad

"Ughh fine" I said

"I'll be back later .....Ky lets go" karter said

Then ky appeared in the room trying to hold Nari but she tripped on one of his toys and fell Nari didn't cry but he did hit her in the head with his cup

"You ok Ky" I asked trying not to laugh

"No I try to be a big sister and this devil wanna leave his toys around and I fall and he wanna beat me in the head with the cup your welcome Kanari"she said shaking her head

"Well we out be careful baby love you" karter said kissing my forehead then left

I called my brother Anthony he will bring me some hot Cheetos
Phone convo
"Yo What's up Jay" he said

"Can you bring me some hot Cheetos please" I said whining knowing ill get my way

"Yeah ill buy you some ill be there in 20 mins" he said

"alright bye love you" I said

"Love you to greedy ass" he said hanging up

I love my brothers man

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