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Jayonna pov (Jay)
Heyy I'm Jayonna or jay I have brown Carmel skin I'm fully black I have brown hair that stops at my shoulders I have light brown eyes I'm team fun size 5'0!!!!!!! My dad well he died a few years back durning a big drug deal i was 14 I'm 17 my mom shes on drugs yep a crack head we live in a apartment complex in the ghetto but I really don't have any friends so that's really it oh ill be 18 in a month
Karter pov
What's up I'm Karter but I go by King only unless I tell you to call me Karter Im light skin I have Curly black hair I'm Puerto Rican and black I have Green eyes I'm about 6'7 yep a nigga tall I'm the biggest drug dealer around I run shit around here I'm 19 and I have 2 niggas that I trust the most is Dre and Quan But that's about it doe
Dre pov
Aye niggas I'm Dre short for Andre I'm Jamaican , French and black I lean more to the dark skin side I have light brown eyes I have long Dreads they not nappy I keep my shit neat yes I deal with King yes I call him king even though we hella close I call him Karter when I want to I'm about 6'5 yes I'm tall I'm 19 and King and Quan the only 2 niggas I trust anyways bye
Quan pov
Ayeeeeeeeeee what's good I'm Quan short for Dequan I'm 18 Im light Brown skin I have curly hair brown eyes I'm fully black I'm about 6'7 and duh nigga you already know who my main niggas is so bye niggas

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