You want me to come???

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Jayonna pov

Ok so it's been like 3 days since what happened we talked when I got back and we go out now yes niggas I got Karter now so back the fuck off anyways it's like 10 at night and I'm chillin laying down I don't know what Karters doing he always bouncing around somewhere he's always hyper its rare that he's tired but I was peacefully and quietly watching The color Purple when this nigga barges In my room I'm not about to sleep or have sex with him until I'm ready

"Damn Karter I could have naked" I said holding my chest cause he scared the shit out of me

Then he just bit his lip I could tell he was thinkin about me naked fucking pervert

"KARTER..." I yelled

"What oh.....umm get dressed" he said

"Where we going" I said

" get ready fat butt" he said squeezing it

"Heyy leave MY butt alone" I said pouting

"Oh really cause this body mine" he said kissing and biting on my neck

"K-Karter S-stop y-you gone leave hickeys" I moaned out

"What I'm just marking my territory" he said walking out

This boy gone be the death of me but I got dressed cause he was rushing me (outfit in media) then went out to the car and he drove off he turned on the radio and he grabbed my hand with his free one I just looked at him and smiled ....he's so different when he's not all mean you would think that once you meet him but when you get his good said ...he's actually really sweat anyways we had got there and got out the car and he still grabbed my hand ...

"Ok im warning you right now ....there's a lot if naked girls In there" he said

"Why Karter". I asked him

"Because what else are they for them the hoes but they also there to bag my shit up I don't want them stealing my shit" he said getting serous

We walked in the door and this place seems to familiar to me like I've been here before when we were walking in I seem everybody stop what they was doing and they mouths hung open

"What back to work" Karter yelled as we entered his office and he closed the door

I seen a picture of a little boy and a man with a gun in a picture the man looked just like my dad

"Who's that" I asked Karter

"Oh that's me and jayce " he said kinda sad

"Jayce" I said as a question

Then it hit me that's my dad and Karter as a little boy well not little younger than he is now

"Wait Karter that's my dad" I said

"I know" he said

"How do you Karter I just meet you a couple months ago even if I always seen you around on the block" I said

"Yeah but I've always been watching you ....see when Jayce had to leave he told me to keep an eye out for you ....because your brother were with their mama" Karter said

"What do you mean he had to leave he died" I said confused

"Listen Jay he didn't die ...He had to leave he's in Detroit ....something when wrong with a big drug deal he had going on and they turned on him and they said if he didn't leave they would kill you so he had to leave to save you ... I talked to him a couple months ago before you came to live with me I actually was coming from Detroit word had got out to him that what you was dealing with at home wasn't right sooo I had to take you with me ..." He said

"I wanna see my dad" I said

"We can go tomorrow night" he said

Then I sat on his lap and laid my head in his shoulder

"Karter" I said

"Huh" he said looking at me

"Thank you" I said



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