4 months later

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I need somebody to be Jayonnas lesbian best friend Message me for the part ....but you just can't be a dyke you have to be girly. Thx I enjoy
Jay pov
Me and karter just got out the shower after 2 hours cause this nigga wanna join me and shit then one lead to another but I gave it up to him last month but karter said it was gonna be a quickie ....listen here's a tip for all the girls out there if me and karter ever break up and he gets another girl DON'T BELIEVE HIM IF HE SAYS ITS GONNA BE A QUICKIE anyways right now we were just talking

"I'm deadass the nigga was tryna hoop a big ass gate when he could of just slid under ....we would if never got caught" karter said telling me a story about when him quan and dre got chased by the police when they were 13

"I wanna go to the strip club" I blurted out

With karter I feel like I can be myself ...I feel safe like I don't have to worry about anything ...like I can say anything in front of him and not get embarrassed

"You ever have sex with a girl" karter asked me

"Yep" I said being honest

He just looked at me and smiled

"That is the sexiest shit ever" he said

"Boy you is something else" I said laughing at his goofy ass

"Karter" I said looking at him

"What baby girl" he said

"I'm glad you came that day looking for my mom and that my dad sent you." I said

"Me and you both" he said with a goofy smile

"Stop making that face .....I want a tattoo" I said giggling

"Ok ......we can go get you one Friday" he said

"Ok....goodnight Karter Kings" I said putting my face in his chest and falling asleep

"Goodnight Jayonna Darryl" karter said

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