A date? Wait KARTER

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Jay pov

"jay wake yo ass up" Karter said shaking me

"Whatttt" I whined

"Get up I wanna take you somewhere" he said

I opened my eyes so quick wait a fucking min

"Wait wait you Karter Antonio José King ways to take me out this gotta be a joke or something where's the cameras" I said

"It's not a joke Jay now get ya ass up" he demanded then walked out

So I got up took a shower and got dressed (both if their outfits in media) I left my hair wet and curly ...ok my hair ain't to my ass now but I'm not no bald headed bitch either my hair stops at my shoulders

"JAY BRING YO ASS ON" Karter yelled


15 mins later

"Karter where are we going" I asked him

"Hold up damn we almost their" he said

Then 5 mins later we pulled up to a big ass house with a
Whole bunch of cars there I know this nigga didn't

"Karter where are we" I asked him

"My mamas....she having a family get together or whatever" he said

"KARTER!!! Really I'm bout to meet ya moms ..we not even together...why did you even bring me you said it was a date I'm not getting out the car" I said

"Calm down ... She gone have to meet the woman that been making me fat ...and cooking and cleaning up behind me...plus because I wanted to bring you...we gone be together soon" he said but mumbled the last part but I still heard him

But I got out and followed behind Karter once we to the door he opened it and was greeted by his family members ..I followed him into the kitchen he walked behind a lady the same color as him and hugged her and she jumped

"Ahh Karter you scared me....you said you weren't coming" she said

"I changed my mind" he said

"Uhmm greedy...anyways who's this beautiful young lady you then brought in my house..i hope the girl you were telling me about" she said smiling at me

"yes ...mama this is Jayonna ...Jayonna this is my mama Linda" Karter said

"Ohhh your the girl that Karter always talks about" she said smiling at me

"Yeah I guess I hope you've heard good things" I said

"Yeah I have actually ...you seem like a nice girl ....I like her Karter" his mama said

"Ok now that ya done talking KARTER ANTONIO JOSÉ KING why didn't you speak to me when you came I. Here I should whoop yo butt" this older woman said

"Grandma I'm way to old to be gettin whoopings I'm grown" Karter said

"Boy hush you to old to get a whoppin as long you my grandbaby you gone get what I give you just because you almost 20 don't mean nothing" the lady said

I seen a side of Karter that I never seen he was soft around them I could tell he was a mamas boy

"What you standin for baby sit down you don't have to do what Karter tell you in my house....Oh and by the way if you haven't noticed yet I'm karters grandma Denice"the lady said

"Oh nice to meet you then" I said

"Ill be back I'm bout to play basketball" Karter said

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