party time with Jamiya

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Karter pov

We had just got to this so called party that Jay wanted to go to ......I don't even wanna be here everytime I go to a party some goofy ass nigga always gotta step up to me just because its alot of people I won't blast they ass ....I looked around to see dre and quan here so I walked up to them niggas then I seen jay talking to Jamiya ....I gotta go the trap something went down their cause one of my workers just told me ugh i know jay don't wanna go now so I shot her a quick text to tell her she walked over to me and hugged me and told me to be careful ....have her the keys because I was riding with dre

Jay pov
After karter had to leave I went back the kitchen to get a drink on my way there somebody drunk bumped into me and wasted their drink on my white dress ugh let me go find Jamiya but she found me when she walked in the kitchen

" what happened" she said

"Somebody bumped into me" I said

"Cone on ill give you something to wear" she said

So I followed her upstairs to her room she walked to her closet and gave me the same dress just without the sleeves

"Thank you...but can you unzip this please" I said

She helped me and I slipped it off then I heard my song playing from downstairs and I started twerking then I felt her behind me so I stopped and she grabbed my waist and slipped her hand in my underwear and stated rubbing on my area then she stuck her finger in me and started going fast

"Damn jay you wet as fuck" she said

Then she stopped


How was it

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