Welcome Kanari

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Jay pov

Ok so I'm 7 months I'm having a Boy Karter was jumping for joy when he heard anyways I was on karter phone playing games cause mine is dead and I forgot my charger and Karter and his boys are having a meeting cause somebody been stealing from my baby I'm just listening and laid across the couch cause karter won't let my pregnant ass do shit but then I felt something run down my leg I had on yoga pants I looked and I thought I peed on myself oh dammit right now

"Umm karter" I said

"Hold on" he said and went back to talking

"Nigga don't tell me to hold on my water broke" I said slapping him upside his head

" oh shit" he said jumping up real fast

At the hospital

"Ahhhh Karter imma kill you" I said

"Come baby push" karter said

"Peaches come on push" Clyde said


"Wait pause I'm sexy as fuck" karter said

"Facts" Clyde said

"Ok I see the head come Jayonna you can do it" the doctor said

Then I heard crying ...
Kanari Jermaine Brey kings was born May 6 11:58 p.m 5lbs 3 ounces

"Let be hold my nephew" Quan said

I handed him to quan

"Awwwwe damn he gone be one yellow muhfucka like his daddy" quan said

"Can my son be in the world 20 mins before being called a muhfucka" karter said

"What's his full name" Tina asked

"Kanari Jermaine Brey kings" I said

"Aye I like it" rashad said

"Awwwwe he so cute he look just like you karter....but better" Lexie said

"He so cute.....well ya did make a beautiful baby" Tina said

Soooo how was it what ya think of the new edition Kanari

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