Ummm no

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Jay pov

"Karter I'm not about to argue with you" I said

"It's a simple question Jayonna who is the nigga" karter semi yelled at me

"Just a friend From My old neighborhood Karter Alright , We grew up together" I said

"Yeah ok you better not be lying to me" he said

"I'm not lying" I said getting up bout to go up the stairs which is Hard as fuck when you 7 months pregnant

"Where you going Jay" karter asked getting up

"Upstairs" I said looking at funny

"Lemme carry you , You don't need to be walking" he said

"Oh now you wanna be nice , I swear you bipolar" I said rolling my eyes as he picked me up

"I am....I just don't take my medicine for it" he said

"Really Karter you need to take it ...." I said

"Uhhh Jayonna Keyonta Kierra Darryl I know you did not just fucking pee on me" karter said calm but was pissed as hell

"Owww karter my water broke" I said as I felt sharp pains

"Oh shit....Uhhh Uhhh damn ummm KY'RINN GET KANARI AND GO TO THE CAR" I heard karter yelling

*4 hours later*
Jo'quez Majesty Kings was born 9:12 pm May 4th

"What's the little rugrats name" Anthony said

"Jo'quez Majesty kings " I said

"OMG fuckin ghetto ass...Where he at" quan asked me

"They have to run some test and keep a watch on him he's premature" I said

"Ohhh" he said

"I got another little brother" ky asked

"Yeah you do" I said answering her

"Awwee man....This ain't fair" she said

"Yeah but you the oldest ky" I said

"Karter I love you" I said

"I love you to Jayonna" he said with a goofy smile

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