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Jayonna pov (in media) I was at home by my self as always my mother I have no idea where shes at

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Jayonna pov (in media)
I was at home by my self as always my mother I have no idea where shes at ....but I'm use to her leaving me for long periods of time I was watching baby boy when somebody started banging on the door like they was the police oh hell naw I opened the door and it was king and lawd he is fine and so was the niggas with him ....He is a drug lord he king pin around here everybody is scared of him and knows him even the Police is scared of him but that don't mean he need to be banging on my door like that
"Can I help you" I asked rudely because he was banging on my door
"Listen I don't know who the fuck you think you talkin to cause everybody know king Will blow ya damn brains do Jayonna live here"he said
"That's what do you want" i said
"Yo mama owe me money she told me to get it from you" he said
"How much" I asked
"$90,000 " he said
"What I don't have that kind of money you better work something out with her" I said
"Ok ill just end her life " he said about to walk away
My mama may be a crackhead and is never here but I do love her that's my mama
"Wait no ....can't we just work something out" I said
He thought for a min
"Come on King hurry up nigga" the boy with dreads said
"Nigga don't rush me.....but ok you will come live with me as my maid" he said
I thought for a min
"Fine" I said
"You got 20mins to pack ..GO NOW" he said yelling the last part
"20 what" I said
"10 now go waisting time" he said
I just went to my room and started packing ugh new life here I come
Karter(King) pov
I watched her go to her room Damn She got a Fatass anyways imma end up slapping her for her smart ass mouth that shit don't fly with me talk shit get hit ....I might like having her around shes beautiful no lie but I stopped loving a while ago when my ex broke my heart now I just fuck hoes
"Karter why you gotta be so mean to the girl she aint do nothing she probably having a bad day or something" Dre wise talking ass said
"Man she got smart so I had to put her in her place Talk shit get hit" I said
He just shook his head then she came down with 2 suit cases and a duffle bag let me try and be nice since imma see her like everyday I took the duffle bag and Dre and Quan took the suit cases we put her stuff in my range and she got in the back with Quan goof ass was asking her questions
Jayonna pov
I was minding my own looking out the window since I don't have a phone no more cause my mama sold it for drugs but this goof ass nigga who's name I don't know was asking me questions and shit
"What's yo name again" he asked
"Jayonna ...I go by jay " I said
"How old are you" he asked
"17" I said
"When's your birthday" he asked
I'm getting irritated with all these damn questions
"Quan leave the girl alone stop asking her questions" the other boy said
"Dre shut up" Quan said
Ok got it Dre and Quan ...we pulled up to a big ass beautiful house it was in a nice looking neighborhood to I think idk look better than what I'm use to but we got out and Dre and Quan got in they nice ass cars and left king showed me my room and left me alone to unpack my stuff at least I still got my iPod and Water speakers my cousin got me I hooked it up and put it on shuffle so I was good then king came in and told me to press pause he needed to talk to me
"Ok I want breakfast on the table by 8:30 .....lunch 1:15 .....dinner 7:45 .....You get paid 2,000 every 2 weeks " he said

"Uh un I'm not getting up early just to have your breakfast ready by 8:30" I said
Then I felt a sting in my face he just slapped me
"I don't give a fuck what you want ....I WANT BREAKFAST BY 8 FUCKING 30 you start tomorrow" he said walking out the room slamming the door
Yeah in gonna love it here notice my sarcasm I just got in my shower and put got out put my hair in a pony tail then slipped on some sweat pants and a tank top and I laid in the bed and watched tv for a little but instantly feel asleep
King pov (Karter)
Ok so I bet you hate me for slapping her but she got smart I'm not gone say sorry but I went to her room and opened the door to see her sleep her sleep and TV on and light so I just turned it off and The light and closed her door and I took a shower my damn self and went to bed

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