Mean self

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Jay pov

"Really jay put on something nicer than that you look like just my ratchet baby mama" Karter said

"Listen muhfucka we ain't going no where important we going to a dre house fuck I gotta look cute for I'm pregnant nigga " I said

"Dang Jay calm down" Ky mumbled

"Little girl You wanna get cussed out to" I said

"No" she said hiding behind karter

"Alright then Hush" I said

"Mean ass....You ready" karter said

"Yes"I said

We where going to dre house

(at dre house)

"What's up jay ..." Dre said hugging me

"Hi dre " I said pulling his hair

"Owww Karter get yo girl mane" Dre said

"Shut up stop acting like a bitch" I said sitting down eating my Chinese food

"You on yo own Dre , I'm not getting cussed out again by her mean pregnant ass" karter said picking up Nari and his dipper bag walking away

"Yeah she already threatened me today Uncle Dre I wouldn't mess with her" Ky said running off

"How you gone bring Chinese food to a Cook out Jay" Tina said walking in the living room

"You act like this the only thing imma be eating ...Shiddd you know imma be bussin down Quan home made Macaroni and cheese" I said

"Greedy ass..." Dre said walking to the back yard where everybody was.

"Cause ya know sexy boy Quan throws it down when it come to macaroni and cheese" quan said walking being loud

He always gotta make his appearance known

"Nigga shut the fuck up being so got damn loud for" I said mugging him

"I hate when you pregnant fucking mean ass.." quan said

"I don't give a fuck" I said eating

"Why you not outside with everybody " Tina said

"Cause Im fat and pregnant , And I'm on my mean shit today and my feet hurt I think they swollen and I'm tiered as fuck" I said yawning

"Well go take a nap in the guest room" dre said coming back into the living room

"Ight" I said getting up waddling to the stairs

"Got damn dre why you got so many stairs" I said starting to walk them up

" you better not get in my bed Jay" he said

"Ahh shut up just for that I'm getting in it" I said

I was passing karter as I was walking into dre room

"What you doing" he asked confused

"Taking my ass to sleep" I said

"What's wrong you tiered" he asked

"Yeah and I don't feel good" I said laying my head on his shoulder

"We'll go ahead and go to sleep ill be downstairs....And dre know you sleeping in his room" karter asked

"Yeah he told me don't sleep in here but I told him I was going to anyways" I said

I went in and laid down I need some sleep

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