Meeting my dad & them

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Jayonna pov

Me and Karter were in Detroit he said we were almost there ugh yes we drive here

"I'm going back to sleep" I said

"You can't....cause were here" he said stopping and getting out and opening my door

So I got out and took a deep breath

"Come on you can do it" Karter said grabbing my hand basically dragging me to the door that was guarded by 2 big ass men

"Who are you 2" the one with dreads said

"Nigga you know who I am" Karter said

"Yes king I do ....... But who little lady here" he said looking at me

"Jayce's daughter now let us through" king said pushing through them

Once we got in the house it was beautiful

"Who the fuck is in my house ....ohh If it isn't King....and who's your friend" my dad asked

Trust me I know what my dad looks like he looks the same just a little buffer from the last time I seen him

"Ill let her tell you that" Karter said smiling

"Daddy it's me Jayonna" I said

"Jay've grown so much since the last time I've seen you ..." He said walking up to me with his arms open

I hugged him and a tear cane down

"I missed you" I said

"I know baby girl I know....but how has king been treating you" he asked getting serious

"Great" I said

"Ahhh damn Karter you then wifed up my princess....I said look after her not cuff her" my dad said laughing

"Well...." Karter said shrugging

Then 2 kids i think around my age came down the stairs it was a girl and boy

"Who's this pops.....oh what's up king " the boy said

Karter nodded to him

"Oh um Jay this is your brother a sister" my dad said

"Whoa wait hold up ....that's Jayonna" the girl said

"Yes....but jaylah and J'kari this is your older sister Jayonna" my dad said

"How old are you" they both asked

"18 ...what bout you" I said

"I'm 17 ill be 18 in 2 weeks and shes 16" J'kari said

"Oh so ya right behind me huh ......I can take ya to the club with me back in ATL"I said

"Jay ill be back later I gotta go handle something" Karter said kissing my forehead and leaving

"Ohhh NOOO you not taking jaylah to no club.....Kari can go but jaylah nope that my last baby girl" my dad said

"Come on daddy.....but how you gone get us in anyways" jaylah said

"Um excuse me but I'm kings girlfriend I get what I want I'm the muhfuckin queen" I said

I'm glad Karter brought me here I love him for that .....but me and and Lala (Jaylah) and Kari got to know each other even more


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