*Lace's POV*

"That was awesome!" I grinned as we walked out of The Beatles museum

"Considering you've been six times, you're still more excitable than all of us" Jen laughed

"I love The Beatles the most"

"Hey, guys. Those girls are over there" James pointed towards Layla, Tracy and Jade.

"One second"

"Hey girls" I smiled falsely at them

"Oh Lacey, hi" Tracy smiled back

"Wait, Jade, Trace isn't that Tristan, James and Brad from The Vamps?" Layla pointed

"Yeah, it is. I know them and they would never want to talk to you"

"You know The Vamps? Please"

"Well, if you want to go and ask for proof from my boyfriend, Brad...go ahead"

"Haha, funny joke Lacey"

"I just wanted to say, hey and thanks for being bitches in High School" I strutted off, middle finger pointing at them, feeling very proud of myself.

Brad kissed me when I walked back over and we waved at the girls.

"Lace you are my queen" Tris laughed

"I win the sassiness award 2015"


We got back to the house at around 5 pm, after getting stuck in two traffic jams and getting lost.

Seriously, they're useless.

We walked back in to find Connor and Mia cuddling asleep watching Harry Potter. Literally OTP.

"Awe guys look! They're so cute"


"I'm going to unpack, Bradley will you come with me?" I winked

"Oh god, Tris where are the headphones?" Jess asked

"Shut up!"

We trailed upstairs and "unpacked" ;)


*Connor's POV*
(I'm gonna include some of Con & Mia's relationship bc QTs)

"Hey baby girl" I smiled as Mia finally woke up

"Hey, what time is it?" She rubbed her eyes

"12:30, I woke up like 5 minutes ago

"Really? We slept for ages!"

"Yeah, well...I guess we could go on our date now?"

"Yeah, sure...let me get dressed" she pecked my lips and wondered upstairs

*Mia's POV*

"Woahhh" I was pulled into Lace's bedroom

"Hey Mia!" Jess smiled


"Sooo...we wanted to ask you some questions"

"Well, I was just about to go get ready for my date with Con"

"I called it!" Jen laughed

"Anyway, we just wanted to know if you're dating and if you're moving in?" Jess asked

"Uh, yeah we're dating and I don't know about moving in"

"Okay, well if you want to move in, it's absolutely no problem!" Lace smiled

"Thank you girls"

"Do you want us to do your hair and makeup?" Jess smiled

"Yes please! I'm god awful at it"

"I'm thinking loose curls and natural smokey eye with nude lips?"


*Slightly Later*

"Woah guys! It looks amazing! Thank you so much!" I laughed

"Now go or you'll be late!" Lace laughed

"Thank you!" I hugged them

"Woah.." Con said as I walked down the stairs.

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I remember once when I was 6, I wrote a story and I was so proud of it. I got my family to read it and they said it was alright (but kinda bad) and my brother said he hated it.
Haha anyway, I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you soon!
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