Chapter 42:

(A/N: Brad and Lace aren't back together. They decided it would be better of to be friends and see how everything went while they live together. The others are back together. Just to let you know)

*Lace's POV*


I was awoken by multiple bodies jumping on my bed, nearly flinging me out of it.

"Great wake up call. Thanks, guys"

"COME ON! IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY, LETS GO OPEN YOUR PRESENTS!!" Mia yelled, dragging me downstairs. (She gets very excitable)

"We decorated it all last night, with giant banners and balloons and put out all our gifts" Jen explained, laughing lightly.

"That's why you wanted me in bed early" They all laughed.

The girls sat me down in the middle of the carpet and handed me their gifts.

From Jen and James, I got a "Clifford 95" baseball tee, as Michael is my favourite. As well as a frame full of Polaroid pictures they'd had printed.

From Tris and Jess, I got a collection of band tees, and a special edition Sherlock box-set.

From Mia and Con, I got some vinyls (Lana Del Rey, The Beatles, Ed Sheeran) and Family Ties box-set along with these My Chemical Romance/Fall Out Boy printed vans.

"Last but not least" Brad grinned handing me his gift.

" got me VIP Gerard Way tickets?!"

"Maybe..." He grinned, as I pulled him into a giant hug.

"Thank you so freaking much. All of you. You're the bloody best" I said, pulling away.

"The guest are gonna be here in two hours so we should start setting the food out" Jess stated, standing up.

"Who's coming?"

"Friends and family only, nothing big"

"I'm gonna go shower and get changed" I smiled, grabbing my presents and heading upstairs.

I showered quickly and washed my hair, stepping out of the shower I put on some music.

I blow-dried my hair and curled it. I applied nude lipstick, making my eyelashes look fuller than usual to even out the look.

I slipped on my new "Clifford 95" baseball tee, black skirt, black tights and these amazing Fall Out Boy & MCR printed shoes from Mia and Con.

I turned off the music and headed downstairs, where there was now a massive buffet.

*Two Hours Later*

The party had just started and everyone was arriving. There was around 100 people here, including some of everyone's family, old friends, and friends of family.

There was currently a playlist on loop of all my favourite bands; which Jess had created and we were jamming out too.


"I'd do Captain America over Thor, any-day" Jess laughed, taking a swig of whatever she was drinking.

"Of course you would" I laughed, fiddling with the end of my skirt.

"Woah! Your shoes are fucking awesome" A male voice came from behind me, startling me as Jess walked away.

I turned around to be faced by the one, and only;

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