So I didn't get very many comments so I made some questions up haha but thank you to those who did comment ily <3

Q - jasminethevamps: what do you love about The Vamps? x

A - They're all funny and sweet and genuine. They never fail to make me laugh or smile. I know people who've met them and they've all had good experiences with them. I just love them lots ahah :)

Q - bethandbrad2073
I'm a Leicester Vampette, what about you? If you could meet any of the Vamps who would you want to fall for you??☺️

A - I'm a Manchester Vampette! If any of them would fall for me I'd like it to be Brad because I'm a Brad girl ahah but maybe James ;)

Q - xxtheunoticedgirlxx If you met The Vamps, what would you ask them?

A - I don't know really...I'd probably ask something really random haha :D

*insert random questions I made up*

Q - Are you going to any tour dates this year?
A - yes!!! I got tickets the minute they came out and I'm going to the Liverpool show on the 28th! (Comment which show you're going to!)

Q - How did you find The Vamps?
A - The wonderful Carrie Hope Fletcher! (itswaypastmybedtime on YouTube)

Q - Fan accounts?
A - IG is 4.beautiful.boys which I co-own but idk if the other girl still is going to use it :)

Q - Who's girl are you?
A - Brad! I always have been ahah!

Q - Favourite song?
A - She Was The One, but I love Risk It All :)

Q - Any The Vamps merch?
A - Wristbands and a t-shirt :P

Q - Favourite songs at the moment?
A - 'Cool Kids' by Echosmith, 'Break your little heart' and 'Hello Brooklyn' by All Time Low ;)

Q - Favourite The Vamps fanfic?
A - Hello Love! jk.. I like to read Preferences more idk why but 'Forbidden' by @trisevans is very good :)

Hope you enjoyed and a new chapter is coming very soon!

Comment which Tour date you're going to!

- asparkflies xo

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