(I wrote this in the format of a preference)


*James' POV*

"Hey James?" Jen pondered walking into the room

"Yeah Jen?"

"Do you, ya know want to meet my parents?"

"Yeah, we should do that. Considering we've been dating longer than Brad and Lace, I probably should"

"Well they said we could go round at 7 and that's in uh, 2 hours"

"I'm already nervous, what should I wear?"

"Wear that leather jacket with a shirt and a pair of ripped black skinny jeans" She smiled

"Okay babe"

- 2 hours -

"Jennnn, I'm nervous as hell"

"James, they'll love you, don't worry"

Jen knocked on the door and a tall, blonde woman opened the door.

"Hey, Jennifer! How are you?"

"I'm good Aunt Suzie, how are you?"

"I'm very good thank you! Is this James then?"


"Hi James, it's lovely to meet you"

After meeting Jen's Aunt Suzie and Uncle Tony, it came the time to finally meet her Mum and Dad.

"Mum! Dad! How are you?" Jen smiled hugging her two parents

"Oh hello Jenny! When did you get here? Have you been waiting long?"

"No Mum, just 5 minutes or so..This is my boyfriend James by the way"

"Hi James, how are you sweetie?"

"I'm very good thank you Mrs. Holden. How are you?"

"Good thank you James but please call me Layla"

"Hello Mr. Holden, how are you?"

"Bonjour James, tres bien. Merci"

"Papa, Anglais, sil vous plait"

"Oh, sorry. Hello James, I'm good thank you and please call me Jacobé"

"Jen, you never told me your father was French?!"

"It never came up really, but I'm fluent"

"James these are my siblings,"

"That's Alex, he's 11 and Xaviér, he's 6"

"And they're my sisters, Sarai my big sis, she's 24. Blair is 16 and Amelie is 6. She's Xaviér's twin"

"Hello Everyone, I'm James. Jen's boyfriend"

A chorus of "Hello James" Echoed around the room.

"Wait, James...you're in The Vamps right? You guys are really cool" Blair asked

"Yeah I am, and thank you very much! What's your favourite song?"

"I like She Was The One and Risk It All"

"They're Brad and His girlfriends favourites! I wrote She Was The One, ya know"

"Really? That's so cool! Your song writings awesome!"

- Afterwards -

"Aha! That went so well! Your family is so cool! And they liked me, they really liked me!" I exclaimed way too over-excitedly.

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