*Mia's POV*

'Moving on is a hard thing to do. I know.
Sometimes, I can be the hardest thing to do.
But you just have to do it'

I typed away at my computer, desperately hoping this could be this blurb for my first novel; 'Letters'


"OKAY. I'LL BE DOWN IN 5!" I call back, rushing over to my mirror.

I was wearing my black Fall Out Boy shirt, from the day I met Connor. I wasn't going to throw it out because it reminded me of him! I really love this shirt!

Paired with my favorite denim shorts, I pulled on my black converse and grabbed my flannel shirt and ran downstairs.

"Finally! She see the light of day!" Jess laughed, pulling my wrist outside into the sun.

"Ugh, I forgot how much nicer it is to stay inside on Tumblr all day" I groan, trailing behind the other three.

"Come on, my Mum's making that stew you like!" Lace smiled.

Then suddenly, I realized. I realized what I had needed to for weeks. We had all moved on. We were all happy and smiling and laughing and going outside. I made a mental note to delete that blurb when we got back, because you know what? Moving on isn't that hard to do.

I guess I finally have closure.


"Hello Mother" Lace hugged her Mum as she opened the door, welcoming us all in.

"Hey Sara" Me, Jess and Jenna smiled as we sat on the couch, where Modern Family was playing...She knows us so well.

"So, how have you girls been? I haven't seen you all in a while!"

"I love my job! Fashion designing is so much fun, I actually want to get up in a morning!" Lace smiled as we all laughed lightly.

"Forensic Science is so cool! I never thought I'd be working in or for the Police but look at me!" Jen laughed

"I'm looking around for a job, I just don't really know what I want to do" Jess smiled

"Mia, hows your book going?" Sara turned to ask me.

"It's going really well, I've got so much creative energy at the moment!" I grinned, yesterday I would've said that I had no ideas or horrific writers block.

Now I finally know what I'm doing.

"That's good to hear! If you become a world famous, best-selling author, don't forget about us, yeah?" Jess smiled

"You think I'd be a bestselling author? Please!" I chuckled lightly

"Mia, we've read your work! You have a talent my friend. You're gonna go somewhere"

"Thanks guys, I love you all"

"We love you too and just to show that we do..." Jen trails off as the other three run off upstairs and Sara goes back into the kitchen.

"What did you do? Did you finally get me that Gerard Way I always wanted?!" I called upstairs

"No, but we got something better!" Jess called back, laughing at my remark

"Aw, I wanted a Gerard of my own!"

"CLOSE YOUR EYES!" Jess yelled, and I did. After a few seconds I could hear thudding coming downstairs.

"AND OPEN!" They yelled

I opened my eyes to see a brand new, desktop monitor and computer as I really needed a new one.

"Open it!!" Jen whisper-yelled excitedly.

I opened the box and on the back of the monitor was two quotes.

'You're gonna go far, Kid'


'You're all the colours in one, at full brightness'

"How did you? What? How?" I pulled them into a group hug.

"We believe in you, kid"


Hey Everyone!

I'm sorry there hasn't been a chapter in like two weeks;

a) I've had super bad writers block

b) I've been writing my own novel!


Me and Jess are going to see Fall Out Boy in October (right after my birthday) and I'm super excited!!

I love you all very very much!

I hope you enjoyed!

- thebreakfxstclub x

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