*Brad's POV*

"Lace? Lacey?" I asked walking outside

"Jess? Where's Lace?

"I don't know, she was waiting on the bench"

"James? Jen? Tris? Have you since Lace?" Jess asked

"Nope" They all spoke



I looked towards the river and saw a flannel, the exact same one Lace had been wearing.


"Okay" James said rushing off

"Who's gonna jump in with me?" I asked

"What!" They all chorused

"Someone's gotta jum-"

"Brad, I'll do it" Tris asked

"Really? Tris thank you..."

"Okay, ready....3...2...1 JUMP"

We plunged into the cold water and pulled Lace out, she was so cold......

Lace was pulled into an ambulance seconds later.

"Can I go with her?" I asked

"Are you family?"

"No, I'm her boyfriend"

"Sorry, Sir you can't. I know it's worrying but we'll do our best"

"Okay, thank you"


"Guys, it's 1am, let's go home" James said, standing up

"I can't leave her" My voice was croaky

"I know, Brad. Visiting hours finished three hours ago, I'll bring you back at 6am when visiting hours open I promise. Okay?"


We all piled back into the van, Jess, Tris and James all fell asleep almost instantly. Me and Jen just couldn't.

"Hey, Brad I know it's tough but she's gonna be alright. She's a trooper"

"Why Jen? Why would she do it?"

"She's had a rough past Brad, and sometimes broken people are broken no matter how fixed they seem"

"Has she done this before?"

"I'm not going to lie to you, Brad. It's happened before"

"What? Tell me, please" Tears started falling from my eyes

"We were 14 and her mum had this boyfriend who was so lovely but abusive towards Lace, she was bullied at school and she, you know"

"Why didn't she tell me?"

"I don't know, but I'm sorry Brad. We're home now"

"Okay, I'll carry Jess in first because she's the lightest. You wake up James and I'll grab Tris"


"Brad, hey, Brad" James nudged me

"What's up?"

"I'm sorry it's so early, but you wanted to go see Lace"

"Yeah, I'll be down in two seconds"

Me and James drove to the hospital in silence, until I finally turned on the radio.

'Fix You' by Coldplay started playing and I started to cry.

"Hey, Brad. We're here. Don't cry...It'll all be okay"

"Thanks James"


"We're here to see Lacey Stevens, room 315?"

"Go ahead"

When we got to Lace's room, there was a group of doctors stood outside.

"Excuse me? Is Lacey okay?"

"Oh sorry! Are you Bradley Simpson?"

"Yeah, that's me"

"Can I speak to you in my office?"

"Of course, uh can James come with me or not?"

"If needs be"

"So, do you know what happened to Lace and why?"

"I don't know why, but I know she jumped into a river" James said

"Brad, do you know why?"

"Um, actually yes I do. She was, or is depressed"

"Okay, do you think she'll be okay or should we prescribe some anti-depressants?"

"I think anti-depressants would be a good idea"

"Alright. Here you go," She passed me a brown envelope.

"She is to take one a day just after she wakes up"

"Okay, when can she go home?"

"Today, but we will ring everyday at 6pm for a week, starting tomorrow"

"Thank you"



"Hey Brad, Oh hey James"

Her voice was croaky, her hair was all messy, she was so pale and her eyes were bloodshot.

"How are you?"

"I've been better, I'm so so sorry Brad. I just couldn't deal with it"

"Lace, promise you will never do - or even think of doing this again"

"I promise, Brad. I'm so sorry"

"It's okay now Lace, you're safe"

"Hey, lovebirds can we leave now?"

"Yeah, sorry Jems"


"Lace!" Everyone chorused when we arrived at the hotel

"You're safe! Thank god, you had us all worried sick" Jess hugged her

"I'm so sorry guys"

"Hey, it's alright Lace" Tris hugged her

"So, can we finally go to The Beatles Museum?" Lace laughed

It was good to have her back.


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