"Hey Mum where's Jesse?"

"She was right there, with Auntie Helena"

"Brad, the gates open" I nudged him

"Oh, shit"


*Brad's POV*

"Where would she have gone?" Lace asked

"The park? Grandma's house?" Mum suggested

"We can help drive round and look?" Aunt Anna and Uncle Sam

"We'll drive past Gran's to the park and you could just drive around?"

"Okay, let's go"

*Grandma's House*


"Hello, Bradley...who's this?"

"This my girlfriend Lacey, but uh, has Jesse turned up?"

"Hello, Sweetie! Sorry Brad, she hasn't but have you checked the park she loves?"

"No, we'll go know thanks Gran!"


*Lace's POV*

"Brad? This park is huge!"

"I know, but she really likes this one bit, near the duck pond"

"Where is that duck pond?"

"It's to the left of the kids area, past that ice cream shop"

"Race you!" I yelled, running away from Brad until he grabbed my hand and ran with me


"Yeah, Lace?"

"You smell!" I yelled before running past the duck pond onto the field with a signpost 'Dogs Only' on it.

"Rude" He called, running after me

"Bradley, I found your bitch" I grinned innocently at him when he got to the gate, collapsing to the floor in laughter

"Thanks, I have been looking for her"

"What, along with your dick? I mean it is really small" He continued laughing on the ground

"Now I'm offended"

"IT'S NOT THAT COMMON, IT DOESN'T HAPPEN TO EVERYONE AND IT IS A BIT DEAL" I yelled, lying next to him on the floor, laughing.

He stood up and grabbed my hand and walked over to the corner where Jesse lay in the sun.

*Phone Rings*

A: Lace? Have you found Jesse? Brad's not picking up, again! He's useless I swear I'm going to kill him

L: Yeah, we've just found her in the park. We'll be back ASAP

A: Okay, hurry back, your tea is going cold! Bye!

L: Byee!

"Was that Mum?" Brad asked

"Yeah and she's going to kill you because you never answer your phone, you loser"

"Well I am so, very sorry, you dweeb"

"I'm thoroughly offended Bradley Will Simpson!"

"Hey Lace?"


"What would you say if I had you to have sex with me behind that bush?" He pointed to the biggest bush in the forest next to the park.

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