*Brad's POV*

(it's 3am)


"Yeah Brad?"

"Do you ever think about the future?"

"What do you mean? As in the future with aliens and hover boards or my future?"

"Your future; like marriage, kids, a house? What does it look like to you?"

"Well, in a few years I'm going to be married to Leonardo DiCaprio but I'm going to make him young again with the special machine I will invent. Then we're going to have two boys and a girl or two girls and a boy and we'll live somewhere pretty. Why'd you ask?"

"Because we were thinking about the future of the band and what we wanted for ourselves and I needed someone else's perspective"

"What does your future look like?"

"Well, I would like to get married, to Zooey Deschanel, have some kids with her...I'm not sure how many yet and we'd live in a house like Marley and Me"

"How is it that we have a futures so clearly planned that but we can't keep ourselves together?"

"We're beautiful and privileged but we are also cracked and broken"

"Goodnight Brad"

"Goodnight Lace"


"What were you two up so late about?" Jen asked as me and Lace wondered into the kitchen

"Future stuff"

"Future Hearts?" Mia asked

"Mia stop being such an All Time Low fangirl" Lace laughed

"But it came out to day! Let me have my moment"

"I really wanna go to a beach" Lace piped up after 10 minutes or so

"Okay, should we go to a beach then?"

"Yeah, let's do that"

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