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Driving surrounded by trees was always my favorite. It made me feel disconnected from the rest of the world but this time it didnt feel that way. Sitting in an incrediably akward silence with Robert and Lily made it feel like there was a giant elephant in the car, which there was. As we reached the town that john was talking about everyone had a look of relief knowing that we will be out of the car soon enough away from the silence. I was to captivated by my own thoughts that I didn't notice that I had passed the hotel. As I made the way back to the hotel I glanced over at lily who was playing with her fingers. People would think that I, Austin Mahone, would in no way develop feelings for anyone but they were wrong.

"Lily and I are going to share a room you're on your own Robert." I said cutting the silence once I pulled up into the parking lot. Before I could get out lily said "Actually I was hoping I could maybe stay with Robert tonight." What she said took us by surprise. She always stayed with me whenever we stopped at hotels.

I gave her a nod as if saying ok not wanting to argue and got out of the car. I made my way to the hotel not waiting for them and went to the front desk. The women behind the counter didn't bother to look up but asked how many rooms still typing on her computer. I told her two making her finally glance up and quickly get the keys. I smirked knowing what she thought of me. Ever since lily came I was to busy with her to get any time with other girls so it felt good this one time.

I took the keys and have her a fifty and threw one key at Robert and make my way to the elevator. Looks like its just going to be me just like any other night.


I didn't get any sleep that night which wasnt so surprising. That morning after waking up Robert and lily we headed to eat and then to johns. I wasn't to thrilled to know that Robert and lily have gotten closer. Once we made our way to johns I was the first out of the car, as usual, and grabbed lily and fastly walked into the house. Lily by now knows that i've been giviing her the silent teatment for a reason that I have yet to figure out.

"Ah finally, i thought you would have never showed up." John greeted once we entered the room followed by his guards. I rolled my eyes since he was exaggerating since it was only ten.

"Yeah well we're here so tell us what you are going to do." I just wanted answers. "Ah patience little one." He smiled showing his yellow teeth and circled around us. He stopped for about six seconds but then ordered his men to take lily and robert out making me protest but end up losing.

"Is it thst important that they had to leave?" I asked defensively not wanting lily to be out of my sight. "Yeah actually it is. You have no idea what they are planning to do with her." He spat out sharply shaking his head and walking over to his chair that he was previously sitting in when we walked in. "I advise you to take a seat too." He motioned towards the other chair.

Taking a seat he proceeded. "They are planing to get rid of her as you already know, but they want her to suffer first so they will eliminate everyone that she has been close to one by one slowly. I know you like her just by the look in your eyes so if i were you I would lose all communication with anyone you work for or with and run but you have to know that it won't be easy or safe. There's a chance that they will find you both and kill you." He told me looking me straight in the eyes.

I don't think that it would work but i can't sit back and let her watch her family die and have her suffer like that, she's only sixteen. As i sat there with John staring at me waiting for my response and I finally gave it to him.

"If you're willing to help me then thats a chance im going to have to take."



omg i finally updated ive been meaning to do that. i just wanted to point out that i do see your comments about telling me to update and it in fact does remind me that i have a story i need to finish but it also makes me feel pressured into having to update. I know that it isnt right to leave you guys hanging and sitting around for weeks waiting for an update i know I feel that way too but you have to remember that i have a life (which might seem surprising) and school just has been hectic with having to cram in work and tests and ive been really busy with it so i don't really have time to update as often as i used to. i know that most of the comments are about updating and that this note will probably stop it but its ok to comment that once in a while and if you do i wont yell at you lol. I do love the fact that you guys comment it makes me happy. I dont want to come off as a stuck up bitch so i just hope that you guys understand what i was trying to say(:

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