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Everyone is taught in kindergarden the golden rule: 'If you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all.' And I guess that rule applies to situation I'm in now. How could I possiably tell him that I hardly feel anything towards him? I admit i've felt a little something towards him but i dont feel as strongly about him as he does me. He'll be heartbroken and no one in anyway should ever have that feeling.

"Austin, Im sorry but i dont feel the same." I spoke breaking the hard silence feeling guilt wash over me. Its not everyday that someone gets kidnapped and the kidnapper himself ends up flling in love with the person. Its not like i stood out my window and shouted "Hey kidnap me so you can fall in love with me while i break you heart." Im not that cruel.

He scuffed "Of course what was i thinking? You aren't going to fall in love with some like me. For Gods sake I kidnapped you." He spoke criticizing himself as if me not liking him back was his fault, which basically is his fault.

He started the car and was about to pull out back onto the road but I placed my hand on top of his startling him. "Lily don't, you're just making this worse." He spoke through clenched teeth.

I pulled back afraid that something would happen. I just wish this would have never happened and my parents didn't make such stupid mistakes that they knew would affect everyone around them! Im only 16!

The phone starting ringing and Austin reached over to grab it and answer it. "H-hello." He spoke into the reciver in a shaky voice making my heart clench in remorse. Yes he is a bad person but no one should have to go through being rejected like that.

"Yeah I know, im like 10 minutes away." He continued talking while i turned my head watching the trees pass by in a blur. I honestly had no idea what we're going to do now. Everythings going to be awkward but hopefully it will blow past and i'll soon be home again.

Austin wasn't kidding when he told the person on the phone about how we were 10 minutes away. We pulled up to a house that was ordinary like you wouldn't think that they would hold a kidnapped girl there. Austin quickly got out of the car rushing over to my side like if he didnt he would get shot.

He pulled me out and said "Do whatever they say and you wont get hurt and mybe you'll be able to go home." No emotion what so ever was evident in his voice making me regret saying what i said earlier. He pulled me into the house and there was at least 12 guys inside surrounding someone.

Austin cleared his throat catching the attention of a few of the guys. "I did what you said, now what?" One of the guys cracked a smile and patted Austin on the back. "Well isn't she a looker." He leaned on Austins shoulder looking at me like i was a piece of meat. "Just get on with it." Austin shrugged the guy off his shoulder.

"I wouldn't use that tone with me, after all im the one keeping your girl from getting killed." The guy shot back. The guy yet to be named motioned the others to take a step back revealing the hidden guy they were huddleing around. "We caught this little one trying to find their way in and it looked liked one of yours."

As you would have guesed it was indeed Robert. "Goddamn it." Austin cursed under his breath shaking his head walking over to untie Robert. "Anyway there's a motel down the road, stay there for the night and we'll figure everything out later." The guy instructed. After that we left to the motel in complete silence.
This chapter is so bipolar omg. I was going to update like two days ago but when I was writing it all deleted and I didn't feel like rewriting until now. I wanted to make the person her dad but it wouldn't have worked out how I have it written in the end. I don't know when the next update will be but I'll try to write whenever I can

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