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After everything that has happened and how close I grew to Lily this is the only time I was eagar to get her home. Sadness overpowered any feelings I was wishing that I could feel to forget everything that has happened. No matter how many times I tried to think about something different one thing kept making its way back into his mind; my bestfriend is dead.

No matter how fast I drove it was like I was going in circles. If it wasn't for lily placing her hand over mine I would've lost it and done something really stupid. "Austin you need to slow done." She demanded trying to get me out of the trance that I was locked in. I shook my head trying to release all these negative thoughts about how he could have died and focus my attention on lily.

"I-I'm sorry." I stuttered out slowing down to the required speed limit. She let out a sigh most likely out of relief and went back to leaving me alone with a flood of grief.

"We should be there in about a day." I spoke up trying to make a conversation. Since I had to make a U turn so we were making our way to Florida and not Canada in order to get back so lily can go home and so I make sure that they wont kill anymore of my friends just so they will find me.

I know that going back to everything will only put us back in danger especially lily, but its the right thing to do to save the ones we love. No one in the right mind would take someone innocent and then fall in love with think in a couple weeks anyway so its better if she leaves now than later so it wont be so hard on me.

"Oh ok." Lily spoke sounding a little surprised. I nodded even though she probably didn't see. She knew that she was going home and that I wasn't going to make a decision on keeping her when I already told her what was going to happen so I don't know why that took her by surprise.

"I'm going to drop you off a few houses down and we are not going to say goodbye you're just going to walk out like nothing happened, okay?" I spoke in a sharp voice. I didn't want any sappy 'goodbyes' and I definitely didn't want her to tell anyone who had her.



Roberts P.O.V

"They're taking to long." Derek paced back and forth making my head spin. I still was tied to the chair and lucky they took Alex out of the room so now I don't have to look at him and remember that he died in front of me.

"It's only be 7 hours, its going to take them a while." I spoke receiving a glare in my direction making me roll my eyes.

"Did he tell you where they were?" He asked after a while. I tried to think back to the last time I spoke with Austin and the only thing I could remember was a m.

'"Uh I don't really remember, but i think it might have been Missouri." He scuffed and shook his head.

"That idiot." He muttered before calling some of his men over. "Go out and try to find him and make sure he comes back alive."



boring and confusing chapter i know. This book has really gone down hill and needs major editing which I don't feel like doing which is a problem. Anyway just wanted to say that there will probably be 2 chapters left sorry.

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