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*three days later*

"Did you know Zayn's leaving One Direction?" I asked propping my feet up against the dash board of the car. When Austin left that day I tried to reason with him but all I got was silence and a glare. I tried making him tell me what the reason behind cutting contact with the rest of his gang and making a run to nowhere but all he said was that it was for my own good and that i need to sit back and not worry.

"How do you know that?" He asked glancing at me quickly. I flipped the magazine that i got when we stopped to the front page showing him the headline. All he did was shake his head and turn back to driving. After a few minutes he asked "Do you know what they said about it? You know there has to be a reason why."

I gave him a questioning glance wondering why he wants to know but answered "He wants to be a normal 22 year old." He sighed and shook his head again. I closed the magazine and turned my attention to the world outside of the window. Sitting in a car for who knows how long is the worst thing in the world besides having to go to school, which im probably failing right now.

Its hard to imagine what I would be doing right this second if i was back at home with my family and friends. Oh, what I would do to be back home right now. I know my parents are looking for me but they know what to do to get me back and a part of me is feeling like they dont want me back or else they would have done it by now.

I glanced over at Austin thinking that this situation could have been worse if it was someone else. These past few months have been so hectic that if someone asked me what state I'm in I wouldn't be able to answer. Its crazy that one little mistake can change your life in many ways.

"What are you thinking about?" Austin asked pulling me out of my thoughts. Leaning my head on the cool glass window I replied with a simple "Nothing." I know if I say something about what i was really thinking about it would make him feel guilty and i feel like he has had enough of that.

"Oh come on i know you're thinking of something, that's all you ever do." He pushed the subject even more shoving me a little. Letting out a little laugh I told him "Just wondering what i would be doing now if i was back at home." Making him silent for a few minutes.

"Well you'll know what that's like in a few days." He responded making a little part inside of me jump in happiness. I might be going home soon! But I couldn't help but feel a little sad, I'll be leaving Austin and there's no idea what the gang will do to him once they find out that he left without them knowing to take me home.

Why am I sad about leaving him? I should be happy.

I guess after spending time with someone for months and only knowing him and not really having contact with anyone you get attached. I gathered myself up and finally asked "Are you being serious or is this one of your sick jokes?" After all the jokes he played I find it hard to trust what he says sometimes.

"I'm being serious." He spoke harshly. "No matter how bad it hurts me." He muttered to himself thinking I wouldn't hear. I held back the urge to squeal and them realized that they way that we are going is nowhere near were we need to be going considering we are somewhere in Missouri heading North when we need to be heading South to Florida.

"How long will it take?" That line has become one of the lines that I learned to repeat every time we get in the car. He sighed once again and replied with "Maybe a week, depends on how fast I drive."

I smiled but that soon vanished when it dawned on me how much I will miss him and that no matter how long I try to deny it there's a feeling that will always be there.

I like him.

I freaking like him.

Holy shit.

too soon? too soon

one line is foreshadowing to something big just to let you know
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