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They say that when someone looks at a new love the neural circuits that are usually associated with social judgment are suppressed and everyday whenever I look at Austin my feelings towards him change. He's still the same cocky asshole but he has a side of him that nobody gets to see. Hell, everyone has a side that no one sees. But seriously who know that when he took me that he wouldn't torture me like everyone would think he would.

"Do you need anything?" I must have been to caught up in my thoughts to even notice that we stopped a gas station and Austin was leaning his head in through the open window looking at me.

"Oh, uh just a drink." I mumbled. He gave me a questionable look but soon left to enter the gas station. I wonder if my parents are even still looking for me. I've came across my picture once or twice on the tv but you would think security cameras would pick up on my face and I would be home by now but i guess not.

"Stop thinking so much its giving me a headache and i don't even know what youre thinking about." Austin said slidding into his seat and handing me a bag. "Hush." I muttered not really caring about what he's saying.

"I've probably asked you this before but have you ever thought of letting me go?" I took my drink from the bag handing it back to him trying to be as casual as possible. He let out a heavy sigh and turned on the car ignoring my question. "Well?" I asked getting impatient.

I can't help it but its just something thats been in the back of my mind sitting unanswered. "You know lily, trust me i wish i could every single day. Its not easy for me to sit back and watch you every day locked up because of a stupid little mistake. I try every day to convince them to let you go but a part of me doesnt want you to go lily. I have this feeling inside me that screams for me to just give your parents the money to let you go but i cant because you make me happy and make me feel like im finally me again and i dont want that to go away!"
the ending is cheesy af and it wasn't even the right time and place for it but it was going to happen soon so why not now. i know it's short but I wanted to save her reaction for the next chapter and for the chapter numbering I messed up on it last chapter was 4.1 not 4.2

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