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When walking out of Lilys room I caught a glimps of Aston lesaning against the door frame with a smirk on his face. Shoving him against the wall I said "If you ever pull something like that ever again or even touch my girl I will make sure that you wont be able to have any kids."

I released him and shot him one last glare before walking away and going to another guest room. I mean who does he think he is touching lily? Isn't it obvious that shes with me? Ok maybe we haven't made it 'official' and that it will probably never happen after all she hates my guts. I would to if I were her.

I opened another guest room and almost yelled like a girl. Sitting on the bed was Addison. I swear if i get anymore suprises I will punch someone, preferably Ashton. "Austin." She got off the bed and made her way towards me.

"God Addison, how did you know I would be in here?!" I stepped out of the doorway making sure I close it making Addison step back. "Its the room right across form Lilys, it doesnt take a genuis to figure out that you'll take this room." She rolled her eyes taking a seat back on the bed.

Damn is it really that obvious? I need to work on keeping my distance from her so it wont look like im so clingy. "What do you want." I just want to get straight to the point, tonight has not been my night. "You're going to have to leave as soon as you wake up."

"Why?" She said that she had at least two weeks till her parents get back why is she kicking us out? As if she read my thoughts she said "You left your phone downstairs which by the way is not a smart thing to do, and you got a call. 'boss' said that you need to stop stalling and get back on the road."

Oh, wait I thought i had my phone with me. "Yeah thanks you can leave now." I muttered sticking out my head for the phone. She rolled her eyes and left leaving me with my thoughts.


Right in the middle of an amazing dream I just had to be woken up by a voice. Nomally I would yell at the person since im not a morning person in any way but this voice was lilys. "Austin if you dont get that ugly face of yours out of bed I'll bring in a bucket of water"

Even if it wasn't the nicest way of telling someone to wake up it was still something. Before I could even open my eyes a smile broke out on my face. God im whipped. I opened my eyes and didnt see a smile on her face like a was hopeing to.

"Thank God you're up." She ran a hand through her hair and i noticed that she changed into a pair of sweats she got yesterday. I sat up and said "What i dont get a good morining kiss?" She gave me a disgusted face and tryed yanking me up. "Addison said we have to leave."

Oh crap I forgot. Quickly getting out of bed I pushed past Lily and made my way to the other room to get packed. Once done we made our way to say 'goodbye' and leave. Lily looked more happy to leave than a kid when they get offered candy. She must really must have hated it here.

Once everthing was away and the car was up and running I looked over at lily who was staring out the window. God she was so beautiful it was like she was toxic.



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