Locked In A Room with a Guy I hate

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these two guys i thought as i remebered, were my best friends at boarding school at exeter and i should give them a chance after what they put me and eric through.

i remember it like it was yesterday and not the four years it actually was.

it was a month after eric and i realized we were mates and he had been "sleeping" on the floor of their dorm, well not sleeping, reading, typing essays, studying eighth century literature. and they got tired of it, i mean and eric had known each other since we were seven.

So They locked us in the room I said turning the door handle to no avail, "you know we can just teleport out of here." Eric said as he tried, "it won't work" hunter said "I put a spell on the room you can't come out until you resolve your problems." hunter said, "Why didn't I think of this sooner." ethan said. "Because Eric probably going to scare us into submission again." hunter said, "I can hear through the door." I said. They were silent, "we aren't letting you out until you two get over the problem and can be friends again, it is like being friends with people who are going through an ugly divorce." ethan said.

Eric looked at me, him and his vibrant luminous forest green eyes narrowed as he slammed me into the floor. and he sat on my chest and began easily squeezing my thick muscular neck.

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