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We all heard the screaming erupt as Julian fixed what ever was wrong with the guys.

Julian's perspective:

i set the bone properly as the teenager had passed out from the pain. The blood wasn't a problem I thought as I looked at the drying blood that still had its thick viscosity as it was spreading out across the flat smooth marble floor. I reached into my bag and pulled out two thin flat bars of titanium as well as a long thin needle and some thin black thread. I walked over to him as I sewed up the skin and walked over to my bag and grabbed a bandage and placed the bar and started bandaging the hand. As I did the same to the other arm I stood and out a hand to my pants and the blood came out and the rise up from the floor and collected with the rest of the blood into a dark small condensed ball the size of a walnut that hardened and I put on his bathroom counter. I picked up the guy and carried him out of the room and back to the living room. The three of them watched as I put him on the sectional careful.
Now tell me how this happened I said. To isaac as I turned to look at him.
They broke into my apartment he said to me and I took defensive actions. You broke this guys arms and this one probably has a concussion from you slamming his head into a wall he said almost angrily.  We will report them to the police. I said then we will talk about the other matter at hand I said.
Fine Isaac said to me, as i sat down on one of his comfortable looking chairs. Isaac sit down i said to him, he looked at me as i recalled the body and i waved my hand and it moved over as it sat up. sit i said to him, he sat on the couch, sitting across from me, you two can leave if you like you might not want to hear this i said to them, they sat on either side of isaac, still good friends i thought even after this. 

Well anyway i said putting my foot on my knee. i am glad you called, i am not glad for the reason for the call but the pleasure of you calling me regardless of the reason is appreciated, i said to him. his grey eyes narrowed at me. i was going to come anyway, i said to him regarding the three CIA officials you tortured the other day, one of which you put in a coma the other two are catatonic from what i assume is the acid burn based torture you inflicted upon them to compel them to answer your questions i said to him recalling the horrifying burns that had littered the bodies of the CIA officials. 

if it is any condolences to the american government they did not answer my questions with the answers i wanted Isaac said almost irritably. 

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