The Dare

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As i sat in the student union with William or "will" as everyone called him. We were discussing the tutoring that i needed so i wasnt' dismissed from harvard for failing out. "come on Arthur just ask him he said looking past me at him. I turned my head slightly to look at who he was talking about. It was Isaac Baron, no one really knew much about him anymore he just stopped talking after last year really He was the student council president and he was also the head of the school's debate team, was a member of the football team, a member of the buisness society and a member of the medical society, but he dropped from all of those after the end of last year. "no." i hissed back at him "oh come on he was fun to be with last year." will said as he looked at teh six foot nine behomoth of muscle brown hair and gray eyes that was reading a leather bound book and a bottle of water next to his sneaker. "no." i repeated. "fine then." he said to me. "i heard that he is now triple majoring." he told me. reaising an eyebrow at me and leaning back in his chair. "no way." i said. "yeah i heard it from one of my friends on the footbal team."he told me. "besides i heard he's bisexual." he said to me raising an eyebrow at me. I looked back over my shoulder as i took in the broad shoulders the bulging biceps, his big hands and long thick legs encased in denim. "fine then." i said giving in as i pushed myself away from the table. As i walked over to isaac it felt like the room got quieter as i walked over to him till i was in front of him. "Isaac" i said he didn't look up, "Isaac hello anything in there." He didn' look up, hey i'm he looked up at me his gray eye cold and angry. I froze. as his mouth opened, "if you wish to draw attention to yourself do so when it doesn't involve me you failing idiot." he said as he closed his book and leaving his water bottle behind as he grabbed his backpack and left. I picked it up and took it back with me as i saw him leave. As i walked back to the table i could feel several people's eyes on my back. Will was smiling from ear to ear. "wow shot down before you could even ask." he said jovially. "you should have seen his eye i have never seen such gray silvery eyes before." i told him "and they were so cold i thought i was in the arctic." i told will, "Sure" he said putting his hands behind his head, eyeing the water bottle. "you going to return that to him?" he asked me, "you know i will." i said. no one turns down the captain of the basketball team i said with a smile.

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