Hunter and Ethan

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I opened the door to find the two people who were my best friends.n Standing in my doorway was Ethan Manchester or Senator Manchester to most people. My dear friend was a member of the Massachesets senate and next to him was Hunter Bramswell the son of the president of MIT.

"why are you here?" i asked angrily.

"we are here to make sure you aren't trying to kill yourself Isaac." Hunter said walking past me.

"i gave up on that six months ago." i said turning towards hunter as he walked over to my still incapacitated intruder.

ethan walked in and i closed the door his pale skin had more color than i remember. "ethan what do you think, member of congress's son?" hunter asked as ethan walked over to my "guest".

"no he is to young, he looks like a student. Isaac are you black mailing a government official, again? ethan asked crossing his arm across his pin stripped suit jacket. Looking at me through hard chocolate brown eyes,

" no actually this guy and another were in my apartment when i got back from paris about a half hour ago.

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