Plan B

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Isaac's Perspective:

As i stood in paris i walked along the tree lined boulvards as the cars wizzed by and i thougth about that poor whistle blower that was being detained. Now it's time for the american government to pay for their crimes. i thought as i approached the adress and i entered the building. As the security guard showed me to the room i stood in front of the CIA agents that were tied to the chair with rope. They closed the door as I dropped my backpack and opened it. I pulled out a long rope of leather. I walked over to the one at the end and removed the gag. "You little" he said angrily before I slapped him into unconsciousness, well he also fell over and hit the cement floor. as i saw the blood pool on the floor i stared at the cold hardness of their diminutive brown eyes and removed the gags rather painfully and they looked murderous, these were not small guys they probably weighed close to 200lbs in weight and were all muscle and looked like they could bench press each other. "Now who wants to talk?" I asked politely holding the rope in one hand and the other on my hip. They looked at each other and just stared at me. "Fine then." I said dejected. I grabbed the other end of the rope and pressed it to the one on the lefts arm and he screamed like he was dying. the rope was laced with acid, the only reason it didn't bother me was because my skin healed very quickly and i had a high tolerance to pain.

I stood outside Isaac's apartment as my friend Will picked the lock. Thanks Will for doing this. I said leaning against the wall. "Sure thing, I want to see what his penthouse looks like." He said." I bet it's huge I mean to live in a building like this must cost a fortune. " he said. As he picked the last lock and opened the door. It was smaller than I thought but it had a view of the harbor and the water, the furniture was really nice and there was no tv. As we walked into Isaac's bedroom we eyes the large king sized bed and the desk as I searched through it finding nothing but school work and sticky notes with words in French, german, chinese and Swedish. Will looked through his closet as we kept looking.

I pressed the leather dipped in a ode against his skin and he kept screaming, till I saw thin lines of blood and pulled back. "Now talk." I demanded, he looked at me with murderous eyes as I pressed it to his other arm and he screamed. Never they said in a creepy unison. I walked over to the other one. And began the process till they were covered in blood and left garnering some useless but interesting info.

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