The pain of grief

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Isaac's perspective

As I sat in my apartment, I stared at the photo of me and Eric in Paris from just over a year ago. he was standing next to me in front of the eiffel tower, he had his arm around my neck and was smiling, i was smiling with him, the trip to paris was my parents graduation gift to me and eric, though he had been to paris before , he was very young and didn't appreciate it as much. those days were so much warmer i thought as i looked at Eric's green eyes.

I heard someone knock on the front door. I set down the photo on the table at the end of the leather couch and got up to open the door, looking through the peephole first. It was my neighbor ms. Bodlin. I unlocked the seventeen locks on the oak door and let her in. the aging octaganarion was holding a pot of soup in her thin hands, "let me take that ms. Bodlin." i said to her she handed it to me and i closed the door. As she walked to the kitchen and had a seat at my kitchen table. "it's so nice of you to have me over for dinner Isaac." she said her voice soft with age as she took a seat at the mahogany table. "it's no trouble i said putting the pot of soup on my large gas stove and setting it to low. I placed my hand on the cold white marble counter as i stared at the counter the contrast between my lightly tanned skin and the pale snow white of the counter. she was eyeing the photo on my wall in front of her it was of me and isaac at the party thrown by eric's family to celebrate us turning 18. We looked so happy and i think i was drunk or we both were and eric could just hold his liquor more, but we looked happy. I looked at the now steaming soup. i grabbed a laddle from the utensil holder on my counter and grabbed two white ceramic bowls from my tan wooded cabinets and poured some soup into them, i placed a spoon in both bowls i took a seat across from her as we ate our soup. Ms. Bodlin how are your grandchildren?" i asked. the elderly woman set her spoon down on the tan linen napkin and looked at her soup. I wish they would visit more, but i feel like every visit seems farther apart from the last. " she said to me as i stopped my spoon as i lifted it to swallow. Alzheimers i though. though my pain would subside in a decade or two, hers would continue till she died forgetting faces, names, phone numbers till she remembers nothing and dies sourrounded by people she doesn't remember but that are her friends and family. I envy the mortals who can take their life and end their depression, their grief in an instant. 

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