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As eric squeezed my neck he leaned over me as i felt myself slowly choke. accept it, accept me as your mate he said brutally his eyes calm as all one hundred and eighty pounds of his sixteen year old body sat on my torso crushing me.

No i said, i will not accept you i squeezed out.

Why not he said his green eyes ablaze with anger. as i found myself crushed against the wood paneling of the room we were lock into.

Because i will not be the mate to a man that will not submit to an alpha i said, to him, and because i will not have sex with a man even if it means i will become immortal. i squeezed out,

eric dropped me and i fell to the floor.

in the modern day

hunter pov.

i looked at isaac as he stood there, my witch abilities allowed me to see clearly the diffrence in our abiliites, but there had always been a diffrence in abilities, i wasn't from a distinguished lineage like isaac baron-cain. i was a powerful witch but i wasn't the third most powerful being in the council. the organization that oversees the supernatural world. Isaac was ranked third world wide in terms of his strength and abiliites. the only three people higher than him were jacob crassus at second, and ignatius Crassus and his son julian crassus tied for first. but it was to be expected that he would be in the triple or double digits by being a member of the second most distinguished witch family in the supernatural world, the only one higher being the crassus family, a family who's matriarch is the creator of magic herself. isaac nearly married into that family with eric till he was murdered by the government.

because the director of the CIA son's memories had to be altered because he witnessed magic at a young age of 19 and he resisted and messed up the process by resisting the harmless change to him sleeping and not witnessing isaac appear out of thin air.

But still Isaac is immortal, it's proven, I mean in the month after Eric's funeral he committed suicide 17 times and none succeeded. And he can't rip out his own heart so here he stands.

Broken, angry, vengeful and thirsting for blood,

And not because he is part vampire.

And at that moment we all heard a knock on the door.

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