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Isaac's Perspective

As we looked at the wooden door we all stood there as a second knock rang through the apartment.

Isaac swallowed loudly and walked over to the door. His hands shook as he reached for the handle and he turned the brass door nob and opened the door as his large frame shook.

The man in the doorway was tall, really tall like six foot nine. and he was built like a tank, like one slap from him would take off your head.

His skin was a deep tan that looked more Middle Eastern and Indian than American. His eyes were a bright cerulean blue and his hair a bright golden blonde cut short and his strong jaw was set in a thin smile.

"Hello Isaac" he said to Isaac his voice was warm and had the tinge of care to it as Isaac let him in and closed the door. Thank You for coming Julian he said nervously at the power eminating from the man who was almost his father in law and who bore a striking resemblance to his dead mate and boyfriend.
So where do I begin he said to no one in particular. Not noticing my unconscious classmate.

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