Julian Crassus

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Ethan's Perspective:

We all stared at the man standing in Isaac's living room. he had an age old doctor's bag with him.

He loomed over us all, though Isaac was the one closest in height to Julian.

"Why did you call me Isaac?" he asked his bright clear cerulean blue eyes traveling from all of us to the unconscious intruder on Isaac's tan leather sectional.

"i called you here." he said nervously as he looked at him, "i called you here because i have some intruders who need to be stitched up." he said more calmly but he still shook slightly as he spoke to the eighteen hundred year old trip-hybrid.

"So where is the other one?" he asked. "you said intruders so where is the other one or ones." he spoke calmly though he knew where the other one was.

"he is in my bathroom sitting on my toilet I broke both his arms." Isaac said more firmly to him.

"all right then, this should not take long." he said a slight smile on his youthful face as he turned and walked into the bedroom and the Isaac seemed to stop holding his breath as he spoke to Julian.

Me and Hunter both looked at Isaac, He was almost shaking as he stood there and walked over to one of his comfortable looking leather chairs and sat down as we heared the scream erupt in the other room.

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