Father in law

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As I sat there staring at the bleeding man I sighed and pulled out my phone. As I scrolled through the numbers I stopped at the C's. Eric's was before the one I was looking for. I felt my heart pulse with the black diamond that rested above my heart. I pressed the name I was hovering over two down from Eric's. I held my phone to my ear eyeing my captive. "Hello" a deep voice said. "Julian its me I need you to come to Boston I have a situation here and I could use your advice." I said calmly into my phone. "I will be right there Isaac." He said into the phone as he hung up.
A minute later there was a knock on my front door I got up from my bathroom sink and walked past the unconscious intruder on my sectional to my front door. As I looked through the peep hole to my surprise to see someone I did not expect. Or someone's actually. I opened my door to two guys, one with dark hair and average skin with brown eyes and the other had reddish brown hair and blue eyes with creamy skin. Their eyes lit up when they saw me. "What do you want?" I demanded angrily.

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